One of our highlights from this years Hyper Japan, was the live music. Even though there was a mixed reaction to the venue choice (The O2), Building Six was a perfect venue for live music. Not only did we get to see a lot of fantastic artists close up within an intimate concert setting, Rio displayed a fun and energetic set!

Being described as an up and coming J-Pop star, we had to check out Rio’s set and we weren’t disappointed! Rio was a powerhouse of energetic dance moves & combining audience participation (you’re lucky if you see a few nodding heads at concerts in the UK sometimes!) there was a great buzz in the audience.

It was actually the level of audience participation that blew our minds a little!  Rio would guide us through her dance moves before the start of each track and it was quite overwhelming to see how most of the crowd knew the moves already and watching them happily jumping around with their glow sticks was something to witness! Now this might be a common occurrence in Japan but it was refreshing to see the entire audience really throwing themselves into Rio’s set and enjoying every moment!

Rio definitely won the hearts of her audience at The O2 and here’s hoping we’ll get to witness another great show in the UK soon!

You can find more on Rio Hiiragi via her Twitter Feed.