*Before we continue, we’d like to point out that we have not been paid to feature this specific box. We have paid for this ourselves and at the request of our stomachs!*

After returning from our second year visiting Hyper Japan, it was clear that my rendezvous with the Takoyaki stand wasn’t a coincidence and my intrigue and love of Japanese food was about to surge!

Once I returned home it wasn’t long before I started to research how easy it would be to satisfy my stomach (and my wallet) to try something new and exciting. Not only is the packaging a work of art with it’s super vibrant colours and design but it was also the wide range of snacks I never knew existed before! A little search on Google and you’re met with the next big decision. “There’s so many to choose from, which subscription box is suitable for me?”

All of the subscription services we found offer a variation in box sizes from a basic 3 piece box to a premium edition where they’ll pack in 12-14 snacks (some include drinks) and the most important feature; you’ll receive a ‘Gachapon’ (Japanese Capsule Toy). We’ve signed up for a monthly premium box, we’ll if it’s going to take 2-3 weeks to get here, I’ll need enough to keep me going until next month! ^_^

While we’re waiting for our first box to be despatached, we decided to take a look through the Oyatu Cafe store and buy a few samples to tide us over for now.


This is where you might regret having a simple payment method as PayPal, as there’s all sorts of delicious looking snacks and treats on sale! As we’ve just signed up for our premium box, we missed out on the popular Pokemon Ramen but managed to get our hands on one before they sold out! Who could deny themselves a mini bucket featuring Pikachu’s face and the stickers are just a bonus!




If that wasn’t enough, we also came across one of the latest trends in Japan – Soy flavoured Popcorn. Those three words were enough to make us click the ‘add to basket’ button and we can’t wait to receive our initial box before our first monthly box of treats is with us! We’ll post a review and include all the photos in due course!


Have you used Oyatsu or have subscribed to another monthly subscription service before? Let us know your thoughts & experiences in the comments below!