For those of you that have already subscribed to Oyatsu Box, you may recall this particular item from the April edition. It seems it was so much of a hit that their sister site Oyatsu Cafe has been selling additional stock to meet the demand and we were lucky to get our hands on a bag before they sold out!

While we wait (semi-patiently) for our first subscription box to arrive, we went ahead and ordered a few items from Oyatsu Cafe to tease our tastebuds. The initial idea of buttered, Soy popcorn drew my attention as much as the vibrant packaging and it’s not as harsh as you may imagine!


Opening the bag, I was expecting to be knocked out by the powerful Soy aromas but instead the flavours are a lot less subtle. According to Oyatsu, popcorn is currently the latest trend in Japanese snacks and with such interesting flavours such as Soy, it’s easy to see why. There’s no awful aftertaste, just a fresh take on a classic snack and I’d quite happily see buttered Soy in my local cinema’s selection.

Taste Test Rating: 8/10

Have you tried Mike Butter Soy Popcorn?? Which snacks would you love to try??

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