We have to admit, it took us a while to get our strength up to remove the packaging & enjoy the contents of this Soy Ramen edition! Once you peel back the lid, the waft of Ramen will have you drooling in no time. There’s also a selection of stickers to collect with one featured in each pot.

If you loved the packaging (like us) remove the noodles first, give the pot a rinse and use it as a pot to store your loose change! (You might be able to smell the Ramen for a good few days after but this only adds to the experience and makes you crave more!**)

These pots make a perfect snack for your lunch, although if you’re a bit messy, you may find most of the noodles outside of the pot as you try to slurp your way through like a pro! They taste great and the miniature minced fish circles featuring Pikachu will definitely put a smile on your face over the coming winter months!


Taste Test Rating: 9/10

Buy online at Oyatsu Cafe 

** We are not responsible if you may purchase multiple Pokemon Ramen’s to satisfy your hunger.