Please note: This item was part of August 2015’s Oyatsu Box. We have not been paid to specifically feature Oyatsu Box. We have paid for this box ourselves as demanded by our stomachs!



Packaging: The packet is a vibrant yellow and would stand out on any shelf! The design features two foxes, one of which features in the comic strip located on the reverse of the packet.

Scent & Taste: When you initially open the bag, the scent of Cheddar Cheese flavour will blow your socks off! The good news is that the light and fluffy heart shaped snacks are delicious! They have a slightly lighter taste compared to ‘Monster Munch’ and the Cheddar flavour is not as overpowering as you’d might expect! The light and airy taste won’t leave you feeling bad if you’ve just scoffed the lot in one go! Delicious!

Verdict: A delicious snack that would perfectly satisfy your hunger while catching up with your favourite Anime series!