Please note: This item was part of August 2015’s Oyatsu Box. We have not been paid to specifically feature Oyatsu Box. We have paid for this box ourselves as demanded by our stomachs!



Packaging: The lime green has refreshing tones, with the snow flakes acting as a friendly reminder that you will need to freeze this before being able to enjoy the flavours within!

Scent & Taste: Once you remove the lid you can smell the sweet melon. The taste itself is a pure delight! The ice cool flavours are a perfect escape on a hot day but don’t be surprised if you finish this off in a few minutes! Coming directly out of the freezer, you may expect to wait 5-10 minutes before it has defrosted. No need here, straight out the freezer and ready to enjoy! Bonus points for no waiting time for the impatient ones out there! (Yep, that’s us too!)

Verdict: At time of writing it’s 28 degrees here in the UK and honestly, I couldn’t get this review written quick enough so I could just rip off the lid and enjoy! The sweet melon flavour is perfect on a day like today! I only wish I had more reserves in my freezer right now!