Thanks to Yunomi for the above samples for us to review. 

Hojicha Roasted Green Tea.

Scent: Upon opening the pack, you’re met with a mixture of  a dry roasted / Autumnal scent.

Taste: The dry roasted, smooth flavour is bold and delicious. There’s no bitter aftertaste and with this being our first time tasting a roasted green tea, we’ve really enjoyed the flavours packed within and this would make a welcome addition to your green tea collection.




Ariheito crunchy candy:  Black Sesame, Kinako; Matcha & Kinako flavour.


These are so good, don’t be surprised if you munch through the packet pretty quickly!  The taste is a delicious combination of sugar and roasted soybean; which actually taste similar to peanuts! Yunomi take the difficult decision of which pack you should go for by providing all three crunchy candy’s in one set. Although the Sesame Seed flavour does pack a bit more of a punch than the Matcha or Kinako packs. A great snack for the afternoon and perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!