Kakkoii Club was invited to a special preview event in London’s West End earlier this week to simply witness the impossible! Cafe De Paris was a hive of excitement and anticipation as (four of the seven) The Illusionists (Jamie Raven, Andrew Basso, Colin Cloud & Japan’s own Den Den) wowed and made jaws drop across the unsuspecting audience.

We were also lucky enough to chat with Den Den, discovering his origins within magic and his excitement looking forward to spending time in London.

Witnessing and responding to the audience’s reaction is as key as executing the perfect performance itself. Den Den admits he’s quite nervous prior to a show but that soon fades: “As the show progresses, all the tension and nervousness melts away and I’m able to enjoy the audiences reactions.” Every performer needs a ‘guinea pig’ to sample out their latest work to see what could be the next addition to their show. Den Den enjoys tweaking his performance with friends and family, although admits they’re his harshest critics! “Yes, you could say that! Every time I invent new tricks I show them to the point that they don’t want to see any magic!”

Den Den is the magician of the moment, having risen to fame very quickly amongst his peers, we wanted to find out about his origins within magic. Many of us have had a hand in magic in our younger years, experimenting with magic kits and trying to pull off great tricks with our families over the Christmas holidays and Den Den is no exception: “I was about seven years old when I became interested in magic. None of my family members were involved with magic, I was taken to a department store one day and in the toy section was a magic kit. I have no idea why it interested me but I took the kit home and the rest is history!”


Den Den performing at The Illusionists preview show – London, 3rd September 2015

One of the most challenging aspects for any performer is trying to better your own show and taking your act that one step further but Den Den is always challenging himself to make the best show possible: “There are always parts of my act that I’m never fully satisfied with & I’m constantly thinking how can I improve those ‘grey areas’.” Trying to justify Den Den’s incredible and mind bending performance is a task in itself, so we asked Den Den how would he describe his performance to someone that has never seen his show before in three words: “I would choose; harmony, silence & aesthetic!”

This special event marks Den Den’s first visit to London and we were intrigued what was he looking forward to most during his upcoming stay in the capital: “We don’t have a ‘theatre district’ as such in Japan and I noticed there are many theatre’s in London. I’d love to see some shows during my stay, including ‘Thriller’! I feel I will be very stimulated during my time in London and that will inspire future performances!”

Den Den will be performing with The Illusionists at The Shaftesbury Theatre from November 14th to 3rd January 2016. Tickets are on sale now!!