Airu Hino (founder and creator of Visual Unite) is on a mission! Not only to bring you the best interviews with visual kei bands from Japan but also to explore new and emerging talents on a worldwide scale!

Visual kei is not new on the scene, in fact this dates back to the 1980’s. Pioneered by bands such as X Japan, the term visual kei is believed to come from one of X Japan’s slogans, “Psychedelic Violence Crime of Visual Shock”. Examples of modern bands would include: The Gazette & Dir en Grey.

vu2Airu’s website features all the latest news from the visual kei world along with a host of fantastic interviews of all the bands she has met on her journey so  far!

If that wasn’t enough, Visual Unite are currently busy behind the scenes prepping for their first World Visual Festival! The event is taking place in Shibuya, Japan on 18th October and is set to feature a whole host of fantastic visual kei bands! Check out the below video for a sample!

Not only will the festival feature acts from Japan, there will also be representation from European countries as well! Confirmed acts include: DIE/MAY (Helsinki) & DNR (Italy). If you’re in a visual kei band outside of Japan, Airu would love to hear from you and feature your band on Visual Unite!

Check out Airu’s recent interview with Mash And Sey:

The World Music Festival also has a Crowd Funding page! There are a number of pledge options on the site ranging from having your name mentioned on the Visual Unite website to supporting the event from overseas! Check out this link for more info.

We wish Airu and her team all the best for the upcoming World Music Festival in October and look forward to reading more about her visual kei discoveries!

(Cover photo: DIE/MAY from Helsinki)