For many of you, the Summer seems like ages ago already and you’re back to studying! Well, we didn’t want you to feel alone so Kakkoii Club dusted off their notepads and decided it was time to learn Japanese!

We’ve all picked up a few odd words along the way from watching our favourite series of Anime but we wanted to learn and enjoy more of the Japanese language. Not only  will we be able to pick out more and more phrases from our weekly dose of Anime, we also love a huge selection of J-Pop & J-Rock groups that may produce catchy songs but we’ve no idea what they’re singing it was time to make a change for the better!

If you’ve found yourself in a similar position to us, the next question you might ask yourself is ‘Where can I learn?’ or ‘Can I learn online?’ Everyone has their own individual learning style and committing ‘x’ amount of time into your weekly schedule might seem a bit of a tight squeeze but that’s where Memrise comes in!


As this point, Kakkoii Club has set aside 1 hour of studying time per night for the past week. We feel this is not too short but not too long either. Once you complete the free signup process, the website is a dream for new users and beginners alike that want to explore their fresh excitement for a new language.  As you can see from our progress below, the ‘Introduction to Japanese’ covers 204 words, we’ve covered 18 so far but repetition is key! With Memrise, there’s such a mix of great tools at your disposal such as:

  • Review your difficult words; focusing your attention on those slightly trickier to master words (You can only highlight difficult words with the premium package),
  • Practice your listening skills; words and phrases spoken by a native speaker, so you can make sure you’re learning the correct pronunciation,
  • Speed review; A fantastic tool to bring you up to speed, lightning quick! Can you beat your last score?


We found the best way for us to learn was to cover a mixture of the above; learning a new set of words each day, followed by a listening test and then completing a review. The mini games are great fun and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many new words will start to sink in!


If like us, you’ll get stumbled by a few words then don’t fear! Memrise users have developed great ‘mems’ which you can choose from a huge selection, so the right ‘mem’ will help you remember for next time! Who would’ve thought that Gary would be so useful?!


Memrise features a great use of visuals, a friendly user interface and a format you can use on the go! (The iPhone app is just as much fun as the desktop version and will help pass the time on your daily commute!) If that wasn’t enough, there’s even a performance monitor that will show you how many words are sticking into your long term memory!


Overall, we’ve loved our first week of Memrise and have since signed up for the premium services. This is currently priced at £6.99 per month, which is fantastic value!

Have you learnt Japanese or want to learn? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!