As you may have guessed, Kakkoii Club loves their Japanese snacks and treats! Once our treats had arrived from Japan Candy Box, we couldn’t wait to delve in and see what snacks we had waiting to tackle our tastebuds!


01: Kracie Tsunagete DIY Chain Candy


A fun candy that will keep your children entertained for…well until the chain breaks but hey, they’ll get to eat the treat afterwards!

02: Kracie Neru Neru Nerune DIY Candy


YouTube is filled with videos made by Kracie fans that just can’t get enough of their DIY candy kits, so we were super excited to give this a try! The instructions are in Japanese but they do come with simple to follow diagrams, lets see how ours turned out…


Yep, our first try didn’t quite go to plan. Pack 3 that should’ve been sitting nicely on top but has sunk to the bottom of the glass! Where did we go wrong? We’re left with a strawberry / candy floss texture floating in our glass but the sweet flavour makes up for our failed attempt! If you can shed any light for us next time, drop us your Kracie tips in the comments below!

03: Rilakkuma Cookie Sticks


Quite simply, this is one cool bear you’d want to hang out with! Not only is he ‘always feeling relaxed’ as displayed on the box but the cookie sticks are delicious! Another hit from this months candy box! If you love Pocky, this will be right up your street!

04: Puccho Watermelon Chewy Candy


This has a bubblegum texture and is definitely chewy, bursting with a watermelon flavoured centre. A refreshing taste that would be welcome on a warm day!

05: Shigekix Super Sour Grape Gummies


Once you’ve opened the packet, you may get knocked out by the strong sour / grape flavour! We braced ourselves for this taste test and these little cones pack more of a sour punch than Haribo’s. An acquired taste but we didn’t go back for seconds!

06: Yaokin Sour Grape Paper Candy


We have to admit the concept of a ‘sour candy’ and the word ‘paper’ doesn’t exactly spark our tastebuds but it definitely wasn’t as ‘punchy’ as the sour gummies. This also had a crackling candy aftertaste which distracted us from the taste!

07: Meiji Yan Yan Biscuit Sticks


Remember the joy of ‘Choc Dips’? Then you’ll love these with a thick strawberry paste to enjoy them with!

08: Bourbon Petit Choco Filled Cookies


A soft outer biscuit layer filled with a delicious chocolate centre. The only thing I regret is not hiding these from the team first! Another tasty treat in this months box!

09: Tohato Anpanman Caramel Corn


A delicious corn snack that are half the size of a ‘wotsit’. With a caramel flavour, this mini bag is super enjoyable and we devoured the bag a little too quickly!

10: Moominvalley Biscuits


We almost felt bad eating all of the delicious characters from the ‘Moomin’ world! Imagine a bourbon shaped like a ‘Moomin’ and then watch it disappear!


Initially we were a little worried as our box looked like it had a rough ride getting overseas to us in the UK but when we opened the box all of our items were safe and sound. Japan Candy Box offers a variety of subscription offers with a recurring monthly subscription costing $19.90 (around £12) and they ship worldwide!

For the price we definitely had more ‘hits’ than ‘misses’ and the kawaii tissue paper that lines the inside of the box is a nice touch. The only criticism we had would be to expand the ‘menu list’. This could include more info about the items and especially a ‘what do you mean you couldn’t follow the easy step by step Kracie guide’ would be appreciated!

Are you currently a Japan Candy Box subscriber? Which service do you use to satisfy your hunger? Let us know in the comments below!