A Japanese swordplay stage extravaganza is about to hit the UK and it’s making a splash at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market this November! Kuli-Kala, Revenge of the Samurai, is a fully-scored live action theatrical production featuring “Ta-Te” Japanese stage swordplay. This genre-bending collaboration comes from the theatre group 30-Delux, written by Kamen Rider scribe Nobuhiro Mori and with music provided by composer Toshihiko Sahashi, perhaps best known outside Japan for his work on Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny and The Musical Sailor Moon.

The blend of live stage action and high-quality visual and audio effects with a full musical score give the production a larger-than-life, anime-style feeling, with vivid lighting and projection technology being used to make the action even more striking! 

A selection of the stars from the show will be making an appearance at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market on Friday, check out a sneak preview below and don’t forget to add this performance to your must see list!