BABYMETAL are a force to be reckoned with! The trio continue to dominate the scene in 2015 but the ‘Live In London’ collection which features both their shows at The Forum  – 7th July (upgraded from the Electric Ballroom in Camden! Imagine that!) and the explosive peformance at the legendary Brixton Academy on 8th November 2014 is a great taste of what we can expect at Wembley in 2016!

For this review we will be focusing on the latter of the two performances but it’s worth noting just how huge BABYMETAL have become in such a short space of time. Within the space of four months, this powerhouse of kawaii and Metal has exploded from a 2,300 capacity venue to selling out Brixton which holds 4,921 crazy and passionate fans!

As the rain pours down on London’s streets that night, it would take a lot more than that to kill the excitement and unforgettable set that awaits the fans as they queue outside the venue. As the house lights fade to black, the crowd erupts into cheers of joy as their new favourite band are due to take the stage in just a few minutes time.  A short clip explains the ‘Metal Resistance Part II’ , as the origins of BABYMETAL are detailed in full. With their mission defined; Su-metal, Yuimetal & Moametal rise on to the stage with a blast of smoke and a flashbang, they’ve already got the audience 100% on board.


‘BABYMETAL DEATH’ is just a teaser of what BABYMETAL’S band are capable of. The Fox God chose wisely when combining all the skills and talents of the individual musicians! Thunderous double peddled drumming and razor sharp riffs are all executed to the max which really brings the album to life.

As the girls take a quick breather after ‘Uki Uki Midnight’, BABYMETAL’S band get a well deserved chance to shine and take centre stage. Not only does this keep the audience’s adrenaline and excitement at maximum, it gives the band a chance to let rip and take the audiences heads clean off with jaw dropping skills which include a killer bass solo and drums that are pounded so hard, you’ll wonder how the kit survived an entire set?!


‘Rondo of Nightmare’ focuses the spotlight on Sui-metal and well deserved too! Sui-metal’s vocals come across with immense power and there’s no hint of nerves as waves of hands all punch the air in support of her efforts. Yuimetal and Moametal’s playful tone is brought to life during ‘Song 4’. A well choreographed dance sequence quickly leads to the entire audience of Brixton Academy waving their arms from side to side, which is the only glimpse of a Pop element to the show before the drumbeat kicks back in and we’re back to solid fist pumping!

Before you can catch your breath, ‘Catch Me If You Can’s opening riffs are once again blown apart by BABYMETAL’s insane band. There’s not even a chance they’re letting your enthusiasm dwindle as they interact with the crowd between shredding riffs, resulting in the venue’s roof being blown off purely by talent alone.

‘Gimme Chocolate’ is a clear fan favourite and with it’s catchy Pop chorus, it’s not surprising why! During the breakdown Sui-metal shouts out to the London crowd “Come on London! Now we’re ready, let’s sing together!!” Brixton’s audience are more than willing to participate and if you’ve not been won over by this part in the set, well…I’m lost for words! The build up before the finale of ‘Gimme Chocolate’ allows Moametal & Yuimetal a chance to simply take in how huge Brixton Academy is, as they throw their fox signs towards both sets of fans in the stalls and seated areas of the venue! The look on their faces is a pure picture of happiness and joy to perform in London’s hottest venue.


One of many highlights through BABYMETAL’s set at Brixton Academy is the performance of ‘Road of Resistance’. After watching a clip on the ‘Metal Resistance: Part III’, the girls stand tall and proud with their BABYMETAL flags and Herman Li’s musical magic really breathes a life of it’s own. Sui-metal commands the crowd to part  and chaos breaks out in the audience. Could this be a sample of what we could expect from the next BABYMETAL album? Only the Fox God knows, one thing is for sure, April 2016 can’t come soon enough!





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