Whether this is your first time attending a Hyper Japan event or if you’re a veteran to one of the best weekends of the year, it’s always difficult trying to decide who should be on your ‘must see’ list! We’ve compiled our hot tips for the weekend but don’t worry if you can’t make the journey to Tobacco Dock,  we”ll be there covering the event all weekend via Instagram with more content to follow post event!

Let’s get the party started…

LADYBABY: Fri: 7pm / Sat: 5pm (during COSParade) / Sun: 3pm

If you haven’t heard the name or seen the videos, well..we’re not sure what you’ve been up to! Prepare yourself for one of the most talked about acts that are about to make their UK debut this weekend! The combination of Japanese idols and a harder, Metal sound is given an extra edge, both aurally and visually, by the addition of the most unique idol of all. If you need a little more time to practice the dance routine, check out the video below:

MINORI: Fri 6pm / Sat: 2pm / Sun: 12pm (during Fashion show)

MINORI, a fashion sensation and an artist in her own right with an international fan base, and a recognised authority on shironuri (lit. “white-painted”). Shironuri, while drawing inspiration from classical Japanese makeup styles as seen on geisha and kabuki theatre, has been completely reinvented by MINORI. Her art is heavily influenced by the natural surroundings she grew up in.

MIRAI NO NEIRO: Fri: 8pm / Sat: 11am / Sun: 5pm

Mirai no Neiro (Sound of the Future) is a grass-roots volunteer group who aim to introduce Japan’s Vocaloid culture to countries around the world. So far they’re doing a pretty amazing job – having pulled off highly successful unofficial Vocaloid concerts in the US, Germany, Taiwan, Denmark, Switzerland, Mexico and Chile! After their wildly successful first UK performance at last year’s Hyper Japan Christmas Market, Mirai no Neiro will once again being their A-game to the UK! Check out a sample below and try to deny the infectious Pop sound!

IA: Sat: 8pm / Sun: 10am

This new starlet has been busy creating a wave of interest quickly followed by a fast growing worldwide fanbase! IA makes her UK debut at this weekends HJ Christmas Market and if you like what you hear, you’ll be able to purchase CD’s and DVD’s to add to your collection!

WING WORKS: Fri: 3pm / Sat: 7pm)

WING WORKS have been rocking the Japanese Visual-kei music scene since 2013! You’ll be captivated by frontman RYO:SUKE’s performance as he puts all his energy and soul into his songs on the stage. Keep an eye out as he puts finger to forehead as part of his trademark “Burn your soul pose”! While their videos are amazing as you can see below, WING WORKS show their true worth live on stage, so you can’t afford to miss WING WORKS’ incredible first gig in the UK!

LACROIX DESPHERES: Fri: 5pm / Sat: 6pm

The team behind this years Christmas Market have really pulled out all the stops and deliver another fantastic opportunity for fans of visual kei to check out Lacroix Despheres UK debut! As well as a classic Visual Kei look and feel, Lacroix Despheres also add classical flavour to the mix. Their music features a symphonic, fully-orchestral sound, aided by their twin male and female vocalists, mixed chorus and the addition of having oboe and flute players as full members of the band.

SHINOBI – TRY: Fri: 4pm / Sat: 4pm)

A fantastic fusion of martial prowess and acrobatic display will be coming to the Hyper Japan Christmas Market with SHINOBI-TRY, a performance ninja group. Swords will flash and bodies will twist and turn through the air to an upbeat Pop track as the members show off the limits of the human body. The action will be nonstop and viewers will find themselves watching with bated breath for the next incredible feat!

Are you attending the Christmas Market for the first time? Which acts or stalls are you looking forward to checking out over the weekend? Let us know in the comments below!