Kakkoii Club had the exciting opportunity to interview VAMPS! We had such a fantastic reaction from fans worldwide on Twitter once we broke the news, we decided to include their questions to Hyde K.A.Z! 

Julia, Argentina: “What would be your perfect vacation?”

HYDE: Sucking the blood of beautiful girls and sleeping in the casket!
K.A.Z: Just to focus on my hobbies, ignoring my cell phone. Snowboarding, shopping, having wonderful meals etc. Unite with everyone in the team to concentrate on doing NO BUSINESS for a certain period!

Liz, Chile: “After your collaboration with Apocalyptica, who would you love to work with next?”

HYDE: Difficult to answer – Maybe with a “shaman” who performs as Michael Jackson! If I can do this on stage, this will take everyone’s breath for sure, ha ha! Seriously, to me, doing a collaboration is a bit difficult…our collaborator should be a guitarist or rapper, as it’ll be a bit weird if there are two main vocalist harmonies on the song. This collaboration (with Apolcalyptica) is a perfect one and an epoch- making, as they have ‘cello’, which I think is a great uniqueness as a band, especially if they work with other bands on the song!
K.A.Z: Very difficult question…. Ah, with STOMP! I think with the artists who can play the ethnic musical equipment would be interesting. Or with DJs, we can play with the electric sound. Artists like Bjork who has a very ethnic taste and Depeche Mode, who sound very 80s’ would also be great to collaborate with!

‘Efficient Times’, Japan: “What have you learnt from touring with bands such as Apocalyptica & Sixx:am?”

HYDE: Touring abroad as a guest performer for someone’s shows is to show ourselves to their audience, which means “we are nobody” for their fans and that made us feel like we were in our ‘birthday suits!’ That made us grow up simply as musicians and as a band, not relying on the big stage set or lighting. In Japan, our fans can make the show more exciting but outside of Japan, we cannot expect that, so we need to be skillful and train our various abilities.
K.A.Z: We can learn how much they love Rock music, and from their sound check, I can see how much detail they care musically when they play live! I think we have the impression that bands from the US or EU will skip soundcheck or performing just a brief soundcheck but especially Apocalyptica, they are different! Each of the band members are very focused on practicing their part in the song intensively every time at soundcheck! We have realised this is what we are admiring and something we should follow. I believe the audience will react to the performance firstly through their eyes and ears and then they at last sing together, scream and shout! It’s our responsibility to create a good sound and a solid performance!

Dulce Takarai, Panama: ” ‘Sin In Justice’ is mysterious and seductive! What inspired K.A.Z to write the track?”

I made this song when I wrote songs for  my other project, Oblivion Dust, however I just started to realise this song did not fit into this project but I realised this song would be revived if there was a string sound on it, with cello, etc.  So I recreated it for the collaboration with Apocalyptica.  At the same time, I felt the song we play with Apocalyptica should not be a ‘Pop tune’ since their song has a big ‘European flavour’ with dark and exotic melody.  I know this won’t be a mainstream song in Japan but still, the structure of the song is also unique, so I hope the audience can find it interesting!

Kakkoii Club: “What do you miss most about Japan when you’re travelling and playing shows abroad?”

HYDE: I don’t really miss anything specific. I feel we cannot get a good quality of  certain things easily during tour – for example, if we want to have a good coffee, we need to run to Starbucks, etc. Also, Toilet! There isn’t any clean toilets in the venue overseas.. But it’s not a big deal though to me!

K.A.Z:  Japanese breakfast and home town food!  Facilities in the venue, hotel & tour bus are just different.  In Japan, everything is easy to follow for us.  Well, maybe the language still matters a bit for me!

Kakkoii Club: “You performed at Ozzfest Japan recently. What did you enjoy most about being part of such a huge event as Ozzfest and which bands performance did you enjoy the most?”

HYDE: Yes, this was the first time for us to be on the international Metal festival in Japan!  Before going on stage, I thought it would be “not a place for us” but in fact, we had a really good time there!  We could fully appeal our music to the audience there and it was very good atmosphere! If there’s more chance for us to perform on the international Rock festival in Japan, we think we should do it!  Since we have been in the domestic music scene for quite a long time, I think people who enjoyed those festivals see us with some preconceptions, so I think our appearance on Ozzfest this time changed their minds!  This is, most of all, one of the main reasons why we keep touring overseas. When we are playing overseas, we are just a new band, which means we are evaluated purely by our music and live performance. This time at OzzFest, we found there’s a place for us to challenge this in the same way!

K.A.Z: Now we have experienced both situations – Performing to the audience at a festival abroad and performing to the international festival fan in Japan, I felt the audience abroad has less preconceptions towards us. I understand Japanese international Rock fans are still not satisfied with Japanese bands, thus we think it’s better for us to keep playing international festivals in Japan more. I saw Korn and Evanescence perform and they were very cool!

Kakkoii Club: “You’re used to performing in huge arenas in Japan, how does your shows dynamic change when you’re playing more intimate venues outside of Japan?”

HYDE: For me, the best venue to perform at is at the ‘Zepp halls’ ( approx 2500 cap) as size wise goes but I still enjoy to perform in the club environment. At a club show, we entertain the audience with our songs and our live performance skills itself. It’s also good to see the audience closer.

K.A.Z : I think both types of venue have their good aspects.  The most important thing for me is to remember there’s always someone in the audience that has come to see us for the first time and to those members of the audience, we have to perform great wherever the venue is!  If you have enough experience, you can accommodate to the size of  the stage without any problems.  You just need to be flexible in regards to the equipment size for each venue depending on the venue capacity, size etc.

Huge thanks to HYDE & K.A.Z from VAMPS for their time and to VAMPS fans worldwide for their support and great questions! 

‘SIN IN JUSTICE’ is out now!