If there was one performance that was on everyone’s lips over the course of the weekend at this years Hyper Japan Christmas Market, it was LADYBABY!

Their video for ‘Nippon Manju’ has already clocked over 10 million hits on YouTube and this was to be the groups debut performance in the UK! Needless to say even with performing at the event the entire weekend, many fans couldn’t get into the venue due to the overwhelming demand for the group! Sadly,┬áRie Kaneko couldn’t make the event due to personal reasons but both Ladybeard & Rei Kuromiya charged on in full spirits, giving their all during each of the three performances throughout the weekend.

LADYBABY merchandise quickly became gold dust with JPU Records stocking the groups t-shirts that sold out by Sunday! Many fans purchased photocards that they patiently queued up to have signed at the ‘meet and greet’ held shortly after their performance. It’s safe to say that LADYBABY conquered the hearts of the crowd at the Hyper Japan Christmas Market over the weekend and I’m sure it won’t be long before they return to the UK!

If you missed the action or want to relive ‘Nippon Manju’ from their set on Saturday, check out our video!

Were you lucky enough to catch LADYBABY at this years Christmas Market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!