MINORI first became involved in ‘Shironuri’ art in 2009. After appearing on the fashion snap page on Tokyo Fashion.com in Harajuku, her art became popular on the internet, and her Facebook followers currently total around 50,000. Her Youtube video demonstrating the application of Shironuri make up, “Shironuri Makeup Tutorial by Minori” has been played approx. 400,000 times!

Her work is strongly inspired by nature.  Starting with her first original work “Ajisai (hydrangea)” in 2011, she has showcased series of work including a “language of flowers” collection and a “nature” collection.

Her first appearance at overseas events was in 2014. She has been featured in the International Business Times in the UK, amongst others, and her original costume and photos are to be in the collection of Honolulu Museum of Art. In August 2015, she showcased collaboration work with well-known Sanrio character My Melody at the manga expo in Taiwan.

It was a real honour for UK fans of MINORI’s work to not only enjoy her collection but to spend time with her during the tea party and meet like minded fans! Check out our Q&A video below which was filmed before the Fashion Show on Sunday.

Were you lucky enough to meet MINORI at the Hyper Japan Christmas Market? Share  your experiences in the comments below!