If your New Years Resolution was to eat less…you might want to look away now! Fanny Chu has been super busy behind the scenes creating a jumbo sized poster for Ramen fans!

“The Ramen Poster 2.0 will introduce 42 must-try distinctive Ramen recipes in Japan! Not only is the poster filled with delicious Ramen illustrations, this guide will come in handy when preparing for the next Ramen adventure and planning out destinations to try out 42 regional flavours in Japan!”


                                                  Fanny’s Kickstarter campaign smashed her $3,000 target!

If you love a challenge and Ramen as much as I do, this is a fun way to expand your tastes and experiences with Ramen and see how many you can ‘tick off’ the list before the end of 2016!


1 of 42 Ramen dishes for you to try! (and beautifully illustrated.)

Inspiration behind ‘The Ramen Poster 2.0’.

Fanny’s experiences creating her first poster led her on a Ramen journey of discovery and illustrating 25 Ramen dishes but that was just the beginning as Fanny explains:

“After designing the first Ramen poster, I was exposed to many types of Ramen that I finally got to try for the first time such as Tori-Paitan (Ramen with a rich chicken broth that was made similar to Tonkotsu style) and Ramen Burger. (Grilled Ramen buns sandwiching roast pork, scallions, and other Ramen toppings) Other than local Japanese Ramen, I also want to introduce Ramen recipes that have misleading name such as Yakisoba and Abura-soba, both having ‘soba’ in their names. Like most people, I thought they are probably soba noodles (buckwheat). However, they are not made with soba noodles at all; instead, wheat noodles or Ramen noodles are typically used for those recipes.”

That’s not all, ‘Ramen 2.0’ also has an educational side too; combining artwork with recipes so you can create and enjoy your own Ramen dishes at home!


                                                                   Which Ramen dish will you discover?

The best news is if you’d love this Ramen poster to grace your wall or know a Ramen fan who would love to create their own dishes, Fanny’s project ships worldwide and will be available from April 2016!

Fanny has also delved into one of my favourite topics: ‘Japanese snacks’ and has created a poster in a similar fashion to the ‘Ramen Poster 2.0’ which is also available to pre-order here.


                                                         How many Japanese snacks can you tick off the list?

With so many wonderful recipes, I’m sure Fanny will go on to tempt our tastebuds and keep us guessing which designs and Ramen dishes will make it to the ‘3.0’ edition!

What’s your favourite Ramen dish? Share your thoughts in the comments below!