Thanks to OyatsuBox for sending me a ‘Premium Box’ every month for review! If the below gets your mouth watering, check out their site for more details on their subscription services.

I’m not sure what was worse, picking up a nasty viral infection which meant no working tastebuds or receiving my first OyatsuBox in advance of the release date and being unable to taste and enjoy all the delights that were waiting within! Luckily, that has since passed and I couldn’t wait to check out this months snack selection, sent direct from Japan!

Meat Karamucho Kyu.


It might be just above freezing in the UK at the minute, so reading through my menu for January, I’m pleased to see a few key words including : ‘heat up’ & ‘spicy taste’. Also the images of a delicious portion of beef have got my mouth watering before I’ve even opened up the packet! Upon opening, it’s a little disappointing to see the bag only a third full but the bag is packed with an intense beef flavour which makes you wonder ‘where’s the spice?’ only for it to hit your tastebuds a few seconds later. It won’t have your mouth on fire but definitely a great choice to spice up your winter lunchtime.


3starYoshimura Kelp Crackers.


These Senbei (Rice Crackers) arrive in a simplistic transparent bag and have been produced by Yoshimura Ganlou Tang since 1929! The rice crackers are super crunchy (you couldn’t get away with eating these in a library!) They are light and airy and I might even replace my croutons with these next time to add a little twist to my lunchtime soup.



Takoyaki Nori.  Premium Box only item!


I tried Takoyaki for the first time two years ago at Hyper Japan. Every year I look forward to eating more of these delicious treats and I’ve got a feeling this snack is right up my street! What I love about Japanese snacks is the fact (most) of them have a resealable pouch at the top but let’s face it, my appetite doesn’t have a need or wants to be beaten by this feature! These strips of crispy seaweed are thin and paper like but are locked with Takoyaki goodness! They’d make the perfect afternoon snack and would definitely have your colleagues intrigued!



Koikeya Corn Potage.


This is definitely a new one on me, miniature crisps (that resemble ‘Nik Naks’) that taste of sweetcorn! An unusual blend but quite moreish all the same, you’ll get through the ‘Slimbag’ in no time. Sadly, I don’t think it counts as one of your ‘five a day’.



Gudetama Gummy.


These gummy treats feature ‘Gudetama’ (Sanrio’s latest character who just happens to be a fried egg?!) both in a tangerine & lemon flavour. A liquid filled centre would’ve added a more fun and unexpected surprise.



Puccho – Fizzy Candy.


I love the fact these fizzy candies come in a pack shaped like a Ramune bottle! From the moment you pop one of these into your mouth, your tastebuds burst alive with the delicious explosions of Soda! Once you bite through the hard shell, there’s even more flavour waiting to be unlocked from it’s core! A delicious and refreshing treat in one!



Skal CandyPremium Box only item!


These treats are a disco in a bag! Brightly coloured and wrapped in blue, green and purple packaging, ‘Skal Candy’ is a combination of Soda and Milk! Even to me, that sounded a little bizarre but yet it works great together combining a delicious and crunchy flavoured sweet!



Kabaya Panda Cake.


I wanted to save this little guy towards the end as he looks too good to eat! Once you open the packaging and remove the slide out tray, you’re left with a sweet smell of chocolate that makes you feel bad for wanting to eat him! The chocolate and cream layers aren’t as heavy as you’d expect and you’ll chomp this down in a few delicious bites!



Oreo – Hokkaido Milk. Premium Box only item!


What I love about OyatsuBox, (compared to similar style subscription services) is that not only are they based in Japan but you’ll also benefit from receiving fantastic exclusives such as these Oreo treats! You’ll only be able to purchase these in Japan’s north-most island; Hokkaido! The milk that is used to make these treats comes from the island’s famous dairy farms and includes thirteen biscuits in each bag! These white chocolate biscuits are a rare treat and are super delicious! So much so, I might have to find a pen pal in Hokkaido!



Popin Cookin – Animal Candy. Premium Box only item!


Ok, I admit it. I don’t have a fantastic track record making ‘Popin Cookin’ kits and did turn to YouTube to potentially avoid another failure (+ a waste of candy!) So after watching a step-by-step guide, I felt quietly confident that this kit would actually work in my favour! It started off so well with the individual powders poured into their separate sections but I did add a little too much water to the main compartment which did turn the paste into a thin ‘watercolour’ mixture but still turned out pretty good, so I’ll consider that a win! The fun is in making each part of the candy kit but at least you’ll have some fun stories to tell your friends while they nibble on your half painted rabbit!




January’s Premium Box has a fine selection of winter warmers and rarities that you’ll benefit from buying direct from a company based in Japan. Don’t forget you’ll also receive a ‘Gachapon’ every month; this months was a sushi figure! My favourites would be the Oreo – Hokkaido Milk & Takoyaki Nori! I’m already counting down the days until next months box gets dispatched!


Which snacks have tickled your tastebuds from January’s selection? Share your thoughts in the comments below!