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All the latest ‘Good Morning Call’ updates on NETFLIX’s hit series!

All the latest ‘Good Morning Call’ updates on NETFLIX’s hit series!

POST UPDATED: 29th December 2016

‘Good Morning Call’ was due to air on the 3rd January but due to management trying to change the actors and the current production team wanting to keep the authenticity of the show intact, no exact date has been given besides a revised ‘Spring 2017’ schedule. I’ll add to this post as more news becomes available.

POST UPDATED: 6th September 2016

Mark your calendar Good Morning Call fans, the greatly anticipated second season returns to NETFLIX on 3rd January 2017 as confirmed by GMC’s Instagram post:



Thanks to everyone for your comments from around the world and keep your eyes peeled for a brand new post once further season two details are announced.

POST UPDATED: 19th July 2016

Great news everyone!! Fans worldwide have been thirsty for news and updates as soon as season 1 came to a close! ‘Good Morning Call’s official Instagram page today confirmed NETFLIX have renewed the hit show for a second season!! We’ll add a new article once further details are announced such as start date etc but all of the original cast have signed back on for a second season which is incredible news!


POST UPDATED: 14th June 2016

With the series being such a successful hit with fans worldwide, everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for a Season 2 announcement asap! Please check out the below post taken from ‘Good Morning Call’s official Instagram today:


Original Post: 28th February 2016.

It’s the weekend and you’ve already binge watched the latest hit series and you’ve seen your favourite movie a thousand times over, now what? Even in this modern age where we have ‘on demand boxsets’ & ‘catch up’ TV, sometimes you spend more time researching about what’s out there than actually getting to unwind and enjoying your weekend.

NETFLIX are one of many popular streaming sites that host 1,000’s of hours worth of TV and movies all at your fingertips. I happened to be browsing through their catalogue on Saturday evening trying to find something to take my interest and found a hidden gem amongst all the titles available and the fact it was a Japanese Comedy/Romance was a bonus.

I’ve been impressed with the anime that NETFLIX has on offer considering licensing issues and the fact they have both Crunchyroll & FUNimation to contend with. I wasn’t aware NETFLIX had an interest in showcasing Japanese TV to the worldwide masses and it’s been a refreshing change! This Manga turned live-action series is available via Fuji TV On Demand and now worldwide thanks to NETFLIX.

‘Good Morning Call’ had a fantastic first episode combining Comedy and Romance with a twist. The series stars Haruka Fukuhara as Nao Yoshikawa and Shun’ya Shiraishi as Hisashi Uehara, a pair of high school students who accidentally end up sharing an apartment. Their relationship both within the walls of their apartment and being seen publicly at their school are both very different and it’s entertaining to watch how the dynamics change between the pair and the fact Nao can’t tell anyone she’s living with the hottest guy in the school!


Imagine the vocalist of your favourite band parading through your school corridors to screams of excitement and awe and that’s how the schoolgirls react to Uehara‘s presence on a daily basis! Also, as I’m trying to get the ball rolling again to start learning Japanese, hearing the dialogue is a great way to learn and listen whilst reading the subtitles.

In a similar fashion to ‘Better Call Saul’ which currently airs in the US on the AMC network and released on NETFLIX the following day in the UK, ‘Good Morning Call’ is released on a weekly basis every Friday with each episode lasting roughly 49mins. I’ve really enjoyed the first two episodes that I’ve seen so far and intrigued to see how the story will progress over the coming weeks!

Are you a fan of Japanese TV Drama’s?? Have you spotted any other series of interest on NETFLIX or through your own streaming provider? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Jessica

    Did you see their new insta bio?! It says check Netflix every Friday for new episodes!! Im pretty sure that wasn’t there last I checked!

    • Kakkoii Club

      Good spot Jessica! Hopefully we’ll have an official start date soon! ^_^

    • Pooterguy

      I’ll have to hop on Netflix and check this out! Thanks for the Heads Up! 😉

  2. tasha

    I absolutely love Good morning call it was my first Japanese drama and my favourite! Just finished it for the second time an really sad SO HAPPY! Xx to hear that theirs a season 2,can’t wait! Also I would recommend playful kiss,school 2015 an cheer up xxx

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Tasha, thanks for sharing your love of Good Morning Call! I can’t wait for S2 to start either! Have you tried Terrace House on NETFLIX?

  3. Patricia

    I’ve watched the entire season….twice! And I’ll probably watch it again. I love the show, and I love the characters. Nao is adorable, and Uehara…so cool! I’m so glad Netflix made the show available in the US. Can’t wait for season 2!

    • Kakkoii Club

      I can’t wait for season 2 and will most likely re-watch season 1 a number of times! ^_^

  4. Vic Z

    I’ve seen postings where it is believed Issei would have been a better choice for Nao. No way !!!!!!! Still can’t figure out how much Nao was paying towards the bowls and what their true cost was. Did Issei get hit by his Dad for the bowls as he claimed or was it because of his wanting to move to get more experience as his Dad claimed? If Dad didn’t have to pay restitution, what of the funds Nao paid. Had Issei won the challenge, what would he have wanted from Nao? Why was Issei so willing to blackmail Nao instead of manning up to his stalker? He certainly was critical of Uehara’s faults. What exactly was Issei planning on doing when he headed back to where Uehara and Nao were for the night?
    Uehara and Nao Forever!

    • melissa

      I am so excited to watch Good Morning Call Season 2!!! I am so excited to see Nao and all the other characters!!!hopelessly my ship will still go on!!!! YAY IM SO EXCITED FOR GOOD MORNING CALL!!!

      • Kakkoii Club

        Let’s hope a revised air date is announced soon! ^_^

    • Bethan😇

      NAO is paying $1,200 for the bowls. Issei got hit in the corner of his mouth however issei wanted more experience. I think he would have a good partner for life that his dad likes. Idk about the blackmailing . But he is definitely Critical for everything Uehara does! I’m not sure about what issei wanted to do . And definitely Nao and Uehara forever! Marina and Mi-chan are destined for each other

  5. Tutty

    I always start a serie that the season is in a galaxy far far away LOL i love the serie so much and love the ending in Season 1^_^ i love that landlady

  6. Vic Z

    Love GMC. I am a little afraid of the possibility of breaking up Nao and Uehara. Please don’t, they deserve Peace and Love. Fukuhara is FANTASTIC. If you haven’t seen PRINCESS MOON, please check it out. Sweet and catchy. Her version may not be the best Singing version of the song but she more than makes up for it with her Dancing and Sweetness of demeanor.

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Vic, thanks for getting in touch! Are you excited for season 2 next year??

      • Vic Z

        Absolutely!! I’ll need something LIGHT and LOVING after the upcoming US elections. Haruka Fukuhara, please have a happy life. Thank you for bringing a little Happiness my way.

  7. LaKiesha Gayden

    I really enjoyed watching all 17 episodes of Good Morning Call and look forward to Season 2.

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hi LaKiesha, thanks for stopping by! How would you like to see the story progress in Season 2? 🙂

      • LaKiesha Gayden

        Nao and Uehara’s relationship progressing slowly as in season 1. Personalities and plots the same (Uehara/alpha male and distant but shows his love for Nao in his own unique way; and Nao, as the selfless, submissive, loyal, and madly in love partner to Uehara). Hopefully marriage and a love scene at some point; not too graphic.

  8. Clare

    I am sooooo relieved to know that there is actually a second season! I thought that the way the first season ended, there wouldn’t be a second one…and that really bugged me. So after two days of worrying about it, I finally looked it up. Who knew I could have fallen in love with this show so fast!!!

    • Kakkoii Club

      There were a lot of nervous fans waiting for season 2 news, so glad you enjoyed the series! I’ll add further news as soon as I hear anything! 🙂

  9. Dory

    Yeah i finish watching it two days ago and i need a secind season in my life. Unrelated after watching Good Morning Call I started to watch a anime called The Irregular at Magic School and its really good. It might be too late, but i also want a second season of that

    • Kakkoii Club

      I’ve not heard of that Anime, thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

  10. Emily

    I just found this show and was like why not? I binged watched it all and now it’s over! I’m seriously sad now but excited for season 2! I even got my husband watching it 😋

    • Kakkoii Club

      Nice work Emily! 🙂 Who was your favourite character from the show??

  11. Jessica

    I just came across this show and was so sad to see it end! I fell head over heals for it. I love searching for new dramas and had no idea it was on Netflix! I am so excited for season 2 I fell In love with all the characters!! I love this show 10/10

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hi Jessica, awesome to hear from another fan! Which episode was your favourite? 🙂

  12. Kaitlin

    I loved this show so so much, it was so cute. My mom even likes it! So happy to hear there will be a second season!!!!!

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Kaitlin, thanks for stopping by! I’m so happy both you and your Mum enjoyed the show! Hopefully I’ll have further season 2 news soon! Stay tuned! 🙂

  13. tom a

    Such a great show. I’m not a manga fan at all but I really loved the way this portrayed all of the themes of life at that age. Glad it’s being extended.

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Tom, which was your favourite episode? The theme park that was featured looked like a lot of fun!

  14. beastisbeast

    I love this drama! I can’t wait for the second season. ^.^ until then… rewatching episodes when i have withdrawals. lol.

    • Kakkoii Club

      That sounds like a great plan! Hopefully I’ll have further season 2 news to share soon! 🙂

  15. MM

    I just watched this all in a day. This article was the best news I’ve heard

    • Kakkoii Club

      Wow! That’s impressive! 🙂 Hopefully I’ll have some more news on Season 2 soon!

  16. Misha

    I LOVE this show soooo much!!! I wanted to binge watch it so badly, but I knew I would savor it more if I watched one episode each day after work. Now I need season 2 badly!!!!!

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Misha, you have more willpower than me! 🙂 We had to wait weekly in the UK for a new episode but I also wanted to binge watch season 1 asap! I’m hoping I’ll have more season 2 news for you soon!

  17. gaia

    Good morning call is a wonderful series can not wait to come out the second season there should be more Japanese drama on Netflix …

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Gaia, have you tried ‘Atelier’? Another show that other users have found enjoyable or I can recommend ‘Terrace House’! 🙂

  18. Ana Marie Coronel

    I just finished watching the 17 episodes of Good Morning Call. I both love the character of Uehara and Yoshikawa Nao. I’m so excited for the season 2!

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Ana Marie! So glad you loved the series! I’m impatiently waiting for further season 2 updates! 🙂

  19. CamillaDK

    OMG!!! I’m so excited!! I’ve already seen the season two times, I cant wait for season 2!!!!
    This is the best show ever!

    • Kakkoii Club

      I was hooked after one episode and can’t wait for season 2! I’ll add further news as it becomes available! 🙂

  20. ARA

    Hey guys I’m trying to find this song at the end of the 7th episode of Good Morning Call. It’s the song before the ending theme song, it has no words, it’s just instrumental. It begins in the scene when Daichi tells Uehara he confessed to Nao and it ends when Nao opens the door to Uehara’s older brother. I loved that song but couldn’t Shazam it or use Sound hound either.

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Ara, it quite possibly might be from the original soundtrack which other fans have also expressed interest in purchasing! I’d advise posting on the GMC instagram for assistance / more info. 🙂

  21. Brasenia

    OMG Pleasepleaseplease tell me there is a season 2,3,4,5,&6 ;p

      • Kakkoii Club

        Hi Brasenia,

        Season 2 has now been confirmed! More details to follow soon! 🙂

  22. vary

    Is it true that there is a season 2 im exited ☺😁☺😊😊😊😀😁😂😃😄😃😂😁😀☺😆😅☺😀😁😂😃😄😄😃😁😀☺😆

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Carly, season 2 has been announced today! Awesome news! 🙂

      • Mjames

        When? Was there an expect, or projected, or planned release date for GMC s2?

        • Kakkoii Club

          Hi there! No news yet as they’re finalising details but we’ll add a new post once all has been confirmed and announced!

  23. Valeria Contreras

    I love this show so much I hope that there’s a season 2 ! Do you know by any chance where I can get the book series of Good Morning Call in English edition

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Valeria, a second season has just been confirmed today! 🙂 I did try searching for the hard copy of Good Morning Call but sadly only found online scanned editions.

  24. carly

    Can you give as any suggestion to watch to netflix while waiting for good morning call and i actually like terrace house and im done it any suggestion to what similar with good morning call in netflix

      • Deborah

        I loved Atelier. Does anyone know if there will be a second season?

        • Kakkoii Club

          Hey Deborah, I’ve only seen the first episode, so it’s worth sticking with? I’ll keep you posted with any updates on Atelier but I’m not aware of a second season so far.

      • Mjames

        Atelier…so that’s where daichi really went after high school 🙂 he was one of my favorite characters in good morning call. Even if it’s not daichi it’s awesome to see the guy who played him in another show.

  25. Sylvie

    Actually it’s a part of the US as well. I just stumbled on it a week ago and I am already done with the season. I absolutely love the show. I NEED A SECOND SEASON PLEASE…. I LOVE Uehara character. And if you don’t have a second season I am going to cry. I don’t usually like chick Flix but I was hooked on the first episode and couldn’t wait to watch the next. What other show would you suggest?

  26. Sylvie

    Actually it’s a part of the US as well. I just stumbled on it a week ago and I am already done with the season. I absolutely love the show. I NEED A SECOND SEASON PLEASE…. I LOVE Uehara character. And if you don’t have a second season I am going to cry. I don’t usually like chick Flix but I was hooked on the first episode and couldn’t wait to watch the next.

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Sylvie! Thanks for stopping by, have you tried ‘Terrace House’ while we wait for news on a second season? Another addictive show! 🙂

  27. Mmm

    Loved it,
    Light, funny, good insight into teen phych. Can not wait for season two.
    Even though I was a teen a long time ago, it was nice remembering all of those emotional rollercoasters.

    • Kakkoii Club

      So great to hear you loved the show! Who was your favourite character? 🙂

  28. carly

    Hi my name us carly im wondering if there is another season please tell me soon

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hi Carly, we’ll post an update as soon as we hear news! 🙂

  29. Olav

    Am a dude, and i have to say i enjoyed this show:P blasted through the season rather quickly xD anyways, really hoping for a season 2:)

    • Kakkoii Club

      Did you catch the show on Netflix USA? We in the UK had to wait for each episode on a weekly basis! 🙁

  30. lia

    Good show hoping for a next season

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Lia, what was your favourite episode? 🙂

  31. Jemimah Kananiro

    i was in love with this tv show and i hope that There’s season two coming up as soon as possible. SEASON TWO PLEASE.

    • Kakkoii Club

      We’re with you on that Jemimah! Season 2 can’t come quick enough! 🙂

  32. Cindy

    If there isnt a second season i will literally cry. Im emotionally attached to every character now.

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Cindy, I know how you feel! My evening’s aren’t the same without hearing the happy intro music! 🙂

  33. Kristina Dube

    I’m praying it gets made soon! I’m going crazy and it’s only been 10 minutes since I finished season 1!

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hi Kristina, I’m getting withdrawal symptoms and will have to re-watch Season 1 again soon! Great to hear you enjoyed the show, who was your favourite character? 🙂

  34. Anahi

    Hi Good Morning Call, i need to know if the episodes gonna continue or if there season 2, i like it a lot,hope you do it soon please, i watched in Netflix

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hi Anahi, we’re desperate to know if Season 2 will get the ‘go ahead’ too! 🙂

  35. sofia

    If there is a new season what day or month do you think the next season will be sorry if i ask a stupid question but i really want to know. thanks.please text me asap

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hi Sofia! It’s difficult to tell at this stage, I’m assuming if they get the go ahead for Season 2 we wouldn’t see any new episodes until later this year possibly early next year but hopefully I’ll be proved wrong! 🙂

  36. Ethan Fleming

    Greetings from Brazil guys!
    I’ve just finished season 1 and I’m looking forward for season 2! I decided to watch this, cuz since I lived for a couple of years in Japan, I wanted to brush up some of the Japanese I learned!!! It took me like 3 episodes to get hooked!!! Lol
    I definitely love Nao’s innocence!!!

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Ethan, thanks for stopping by! Great to hear from you and that you loved the show as much as we did! 🙂

      • Chuck

        I live in USA (age 60), my lady-friend and I stumbled across this show on Netflix pretty much by accident, I really didn’t expect anything great. Pleasantly surprised, we were hooked from the first episode.

        Nao is such a little sweetie, so naive and innocent. And Uehara is like sweet-and-sour sauce…sometimes a total jerk, sometimes a sensitive, caring guy.

        Hope they extend it at least another season.

        Sorry I don’t know how to post directly to the forum, feel free to post my comments there.


        • Kakkoii Club

          Hey Chuck, thanks for your comment and great to see you enjoyed the show! I’m hoping we’ll receive some news in the near future regarding Season 2! 🙂

  37. me

    Can you guys at least tell us when season 2 is going to show if there is a season 2 though thanks! And please make season 2 fast

    • Kakkoii Club

      Don’t worry, as soon as a second season has been confirmed, we’ll update our article 🙂

  38. Lee

    good morning call had me laughing and even teary eyed..I love nao’s innocence and how she is uehera’s weakness. I can’t wait for season 2…

    • Kakkoii Club

      Fingers crossed we won’t have to wait too long for an update! 🙂

  39. Renee

    I’m American and even with subtitles it an awesome show. Need a second season of Good Morning Call. Watched all of the first season and loved it so much I’m watching it again. Please say they are going to make another season

    • Kakkoii Club

      Are you finding parts you missed the first time around? 🙂

    • Renee

      Yes, I missed the notes that were left and some of the reactions so far lol

  40. me

    Please tell me that there is going to be a next season and when that finished please make a season 3 asap please!!! I have been dying to watch the next episode if there is a next season text to me soon thanks 😊

    • Kakkoii Club

      We’re also suffering from withdrawal symptoms and a bizarre need for milk pudding! 🙂

  41. Brittany Jones

    I am American. And even though I had to read the subtitles to understand, I absolutely love this show. I’m hooked and am patiently (okay not so much patiently) waiting for the next season.

    • Kakkoii Club

      We’re in the same boat! 🙂 How many episodes did it take before you were hooked?

  42. lourdes garibay


    • Kakkoii Club

      It’s so great to hear from fans worldwide! We’re also hoping for a Season 2 announcement soon! ^_^

      • abena

        I’m from Barbados and I absolutely love this I can’t wait for season 2 !!!!!! Its amazing…. I don’t even mind reading subs might learn Japanese 🙂

        • Kakkoii Club

          Wow! It’s amazing to hear from fans worldwide! Good Morning Call has been such a fun series and a great tool to learn Japanese too! 🙂

  43. mommainok

    I just finished season 1 and I loved it. I am really hoping there will be a season two.

  44. Samantha

    Good show hoping for a second season. Really enjoyed the first season

    • Kakkoii Club

      I believe the show has now been added to Netflix USA & in France now which is great! They seem hopeful for a second season but we’re all waiting for confirmation! 🙂

      • Lise

        Jhabite en france et je vient juste de finir la saison 1 et j’ai adorer j’ai hâte de voir la s2. 😊

        • Kakkoii Club

          nous aussi! 🙂

  45. Kathleen

    Please tell me there’s going to be a season 2! I absolutely loved watching this show.

    • Kakkoii Club

      We’re desperate to find out what happens next! We’ll post an update as soon as we have details. 🙂

  46. Colin903

    What an amazing first season. Both me and my wife have loved this show really hope there’s a second season

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Colin, thanks for stopping by! We’ll let you know if there’s a season 2 asap! ^_^

  47. jasmine

    i just finished season 1 !!!!! wow i hope for season 2

    • Kakkoii Club

      We can’t believe it’s over!! Our Friday’s won’t be the same! Here’s hoping for a season 2 announcement asap! 🙂

      • Kawiiiiiiii

        What are the chances of a season 2??¡!

        • Kakkoii Club

          I would like to say quite high. Netflix are investing in TV drama’s outside of the US and UK and based on all the great comments on social media about the series, let’s keep our fingers crossed! 🙂

          • Kawiiiiiiii

            Awesome :3

  48. Rhianna

    Please tell me I’ve just watched the end of series 1 morning call are Netflix going to have series 2 it’s fab 😄

    • Kakkoii Club

      We’re keeping everything crossed for a second season! Apparently, season 1 was only going to have 9 episodes initially, we can’t wait to see what happens next! 🙂

  49. Briony-Lee

    Watched the first episodes 8hrs straight … Now I’m waiting every Friday for a new one 😍

    • Kakkoii Club

      Wow! That’s impressive! Everyone’s keeping their fingers crossed for Season 2!

  50. Vivian

    I want to watch this drama soo bad but I can’t because I don’t have Netflix 🙁

  51. Michelle

    Friday and no episode

    • Kakkoii Club

      I know! 🙁 We have to wait until the 25th March for the next episode!

  52. Melinda

    I really like this dorama.. its light and funny and lovely and super adorable

    • Kakkoii Club

      I’m really enjoying the series so far too! It’s waiting every Friday for a new episode, that’s the hard part! ^_^

    • jasmine

      Can you please tell me that where I can watch this drama??

      • Kakkoii Club

        Hey Jasmine,

        ‘Good Morning Call’ is currently showing on Netflix UK. I believe this isn’t part of the US library at present. I hope that helps!

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