2016 marks the 5th anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that left the Tohoku region in ruin, not to mention the Fukushima nuclear disaster. There is still a great deal of aid needed to support the region as the residents continue to try and piece their lives together.

On Saturday 12th March at The Pipeline in London, you can show your support for such a great cause and enjoy a great line-up of music and Japanese food! Donations of a £5 entry will be collected at the door and there will be the option of buying a food ticket for £5 (Menu will be posted soon). All donations and money collected at the event will go to Aoba-gakuen, an orphanage in Fukushima.

Aoba-gakuen is a foster home / orphanage located in Fukushima-city of Fukushima prefecture. It was founded in 1946 for WW2 orphans. The Great Tohoku Earthquake and Fukushima Nuclear Disaster of 2011 has put running the home at risk due to shortage in employees and many are in need of support. The Kiss Project, the NPO that provides activities there, will be handling the donations and has a motto to visibly report back to ensure your act of kindness is a visible one. 100% of the donations will go to the children’s activities at Aoba-gakuen.

Here’s your line-up for the event:

Esprit D’Air:


Esprit D’Air will be closing out the show. They garnered a cult following with their charismatic performances reminiscent of a young X Japan and a style that can only be described as: “Shibuya meets Sunset Strip”! Their sound is unique and fresh in its ability to fuse hard-hitting aggression with melodic interludes and blistering guitar solos.

Turn your speakers up loud and rock out to this track:

The Picaresque:


Loud and energetic Japanese Alternative Rock band based in London. Check out the groups Facebook page for more details.


A unique ‘rock/pop’ influenced Singer / Songwriter with original song releases in both Japanese and English. More info here: http://www.selina-official.com/

Les Inconnus :

A group brought together by guitarist Jon Miyawaki that play authentic Parisian style acoustic Jazz and Swing. Here is a taste of their music:

If that wasn’t enough, Tom from JPU Records will be on the decks playing a mix of J-Pop and J-Rock!

A fantastic bargain for a mere £5 entry and every pound goes to a fantastic cause! Show your support at The Pipeline, on the 12th March!