I first stumbled upon Dizzy Sunfist’s video for ‘Joking’ a week ago while looking for new acts to add to the weekly Jukebox feature.  I’ve watched that video numerous times as it’s such a catchy tune and packs more than a few punches within it’s 3 minute running time!

March 16th is an exciting time for this trio, as they release their debut album titled ‘Dizzy Beats’!


I managed to locate the tracklistings thanks to Tower Record Japan. Confirmed tracks are as follows:

  1.  We can!!
  2. The magic word
  3. Dizzy Beat
  4. Piece of cake
  5. Joking
  6. Fall song
  7. Drug music
  8. So true
  9. Can you tell me?
  10. Fly to the moon
  11. My 10h
  12. Your choice
  13. Tonight, tonight, tonight.

You can now pre-order ‘Dizzy Beats’ via CD Japan, currently for £14.05!* If you want to see the trio in action, check out the brand new video for ‘Piece of cake’ below!

*Pre-order price correct at time of posting.

Have you already heard of Dizzy Sunfist? What are your favourite tracks? Share your thoughts in the comments below!