If you’re a fan of Anime, I’m sure you’ve had your ear to the ground since Funimation initially announced they would be bringing their hugely successful Anime platform to the UK & Ireland in 2016.

Sadly, due to a few setbacks, what was meant to be a February launch was soon pushed back into March and with just a few days of March remaining, fans looked doubtful and Funimation (beta) finally launched on 7th April. Has it been worth the wait? Well, there’s an already impressive line-up waiting to quench your thirst for Anime. ‘Psycho-Pass’, ‘Attack On Titan’ & fan favourite ‘Fairytail’ are all there with a whole host of simulcasts to keep you entertained!


Funimation NOW launch title: ‘My Hero Academia’.

The site is very much in a ‘beta’ environment with Anime fans highlighting issues such as not having their payment cards being accepted, media player not responding on certain browsers and mobile issues. With the pressure of already missing two launch windows, it would seem Funimation ‘had’ to launch on the 7th April to avoid any further anger from Anime fans. As with any website, there will be a few gremlins in the system to iron out and quite possibly, Funimation didn’t anticipate the overwhelming demand that was set to follow their initial launch announcement.


The price is right: Well priced packages for everyone!

Funimation had to price their subscription packages just right, to compete with rival streaming site Crunchyroll, as well as NETFLIX stepping up their Anime catalogue. Funimation have three great packages on offer which includes the basic package (which is free but comes with ads), £3.99 for a SubPass (my personal favourite) and for those who want to experience everything Funimation has to throw at you, there’s the All-AccessPass for £6.99. You’ll also receive a 30 day free trial, which is perfect for those wanting to compare services and explore the simulcasts that Funimation will have to offer from ‘day 1’ and over the coming months.

I’m sure the ‘beta’ site is just the beginning of Funimation’s launch plans for the UK & Ireland in 2016. What will come next? We’ll just have to wait and see. Funimation might’ve had a rocky launch but as their streaming platform becomes more stable and fans get the Anime they’ve been dreaming of for such a long time, Funimation will secure themselves a solid fanbase overseas.

Have you signed up for the 30 day free trial? Which Anime streaming sites do you currently support? Share  your thoughts in the comments below!