Those of you lucky enough to have attended last year’s Festival will definitely remember the upbeat, winsome lyrics and rollicky guitar notes of the happy-go-lucky sensation that was Yukari Inada, (nicknamed Yucha), star of the Less Than Love project!

Although the name might be familiar, don’t let this fool you into thinking you know what to expect! Coming your way will be a brand new, never-before-seen stage performance as Yucha gets ready to storm the stage with an all-new look and feel!

Less than Love is a music project which began in 2011, with Yucha as the star of the show. Less than love performs at J-Pop concerts all over Japan, both as a solo artist accompanied by a DJ and as the lead vocalist in bands whose sounds range from ska to pop-rock! She has recently gained a reputation overseas as well, appearing at Taiwan’s Spring Scream Festival and touring around East Asia.

Are you looking forward to checking out Less Than Love at this years Hyper Japan Festival? Share your thoughts in the comments below!