Image credit: HYPER JAPAN Festival

‘1st Place’, the company behind the Japanese artist born from VOCALOID technology, IA, is returning to the HYPER JAPAN Festival!

If you attended the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market last November, you’ll remember how popular IA’s performance was over the weekend and by Sunday most of the merchandise had sold out!


IA’s voice source is ‘Lia’, a Grammy-award winning artist who has sung a number of anime theme songs. At her launch, IA won first place in the Amazon music production software rankings and related videos now have over 100 million views online.

More than 47,000 people watched a live web-streaming IA anniversary event last year and IA’s activities aren’t limited to Japan: she’s also sold out live events overseas!

Here’s a clip for you to enjoy while we count down the days until 15th July!

Did you check out IA’s performance at the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market? Have you already bought all the CD’S and DVD’s?? Share your thoughts in the comments below!