Thanks to OyatsuBox for sending me a ‘Premium Box’ every month for review! If the below gets your mouth watering, check out their site for more details on their subscription services. 

Every month OyatsuBox have been stepping their game up and May’s selection is no exception! It’s incredible how they’ve managed to pack such a huge amount of snacks into one box! I don’t just mean quantity, there’s a few slightly larger boxes in this months selection (that’s not a complaint by the way!) and somehow they still sit neatly ready for my intriguing fingers to reach in and discover more! Without further ado, let’s get on to the fun part!  ^_^

Butamen Curry.


These snack style ramen pots are perfect if you need a little something to get you through to dinner! Simply add hot water and you’re good to go! The worst part is having to wait a few minutes for the ramen to cool! There’s a hint of Curry flavour but it’s not overpowering or hot in terms of spices but will keep hunger locked up for a little while atleast!



Butamen Pork.


Similar to the Butamen Curry, the Pork is quite faint in flavour but will hold your hunger off for a little while. If you’re in need of a super quick snack fix, this is the snack for you! Ready in less than two minutes and a perfect portion without you feeling super full!



Bourbon Choco Anpan.


This pack is loaded with mini kawaii dough pan’s that taste as if they were freshly made this morning and are incredibly delicious! Every pan is packed with a sweet condensed milk filling and once you’ve got a taste of the milky centre, the remaining dough pans won’t last long!



Cat Milk Caramel Choco.


You might recognise the cheeky cats featured on the box artwork from ‘Neko Atsume’! The app is available via iPhone & Google Play if you’re intrigued. Although, Kakkoii Club is not responsible if you loose all your evenings and weekends caring for your new found feline friends! You might become confused by the box art thinking these are a treat for your cats rather than for your stomach but rest assured these light choco puffs are for human consumption! The puffs are meant to be cat shaped which they kind of resemble but the chocolatey goodness and detailed packaging more than makes up for that!



Black Thunder – GOLD.


A thicker and crunchier version of the original Black Thunder bar, the GOLD edition had me so intrigued I devoured the entire bar before remembering I needed to take the photo first! Oops! For a small bar, they’ve crammed as much chocolate as possible into a tiny wrapper and it’s pure heaven for any chocolate lover!


Puchitto Honey Lemon.


Cute, soft candy that’s too nice to eat! Beautifully decorated and you can either eat these whole or enjoy each segment separately! I was prepared for a strong taste of Honey flavour but instead it hits just the right note!



Coris – Pirate Cola.


Pop one of these rings into your mouth and blow through the hole to create a loud whistle sound! (Parents note: You may want to hide these from your childs sight or you won’t hear the end of it!) Each individual ring is super charged with a refreshing, Cola taste. As for the treasure at the bottom of the packaging, I think it’s some poor guy about to walk the plank but I could be wrong?! What are your thoughts? Please leave your comments below!



Pique Eight – Butter Milk – Premium Box only!


These rice snacks combine a mix of Japanese and Western flavours to create a very moreish taste which comes from the butter milk from my favourite place, Hokkaido! (You may remember the delicious Oreo exclusive from January’s selection!) Each piece is a crunchy, crispy treat and the butter milk provides you with a delicious aftertaste! 



Costume Chocolate – Premium Box only!


Another fun, innovative snack from Japan! Simply pull the bar to change the character’s facial expressions leaving the best one to last – open the mouth to release the chocolate inside! There are three variations of chocolate balls inside; pink yellow and blue that taste similar to M&M’s! Yum!



 Hi-Chew Otona Orange – Premium Box only!


These are Hi-Chews for adults ( although, I thought they all were? ^_^ ). The syrupped orange peel adds a fresh flavour to your standard chew format which creates a mouth watering experience!



Kabaya Watermelon – Premium Box only!


Only available for a few months of the year, these gummies represent Japanese Summertime! Each piece contains a mouth watering segment packed with watermelon flavour! Enjoy this rare treat while they last!



Dodotto Ramune – Kracie DIY Kit – Premium Box only!


Use the octopus dropper (pictured) into another mixture to create gummy candy and then add the frothy pink mixture! Pure fun to create with your children or enjoy making yourself!






This month features Rascal the Raccoon! (Japanese anime series by Nippon Animation which originally aired in the late 1970’s!)


May’s selection really packed a punch! I felt completely spoilt not only by the fun selection on offer but the large candy boxes made your subscription stretch even further! (Unless you’re like me and devour everything in front of you in a matter of days!) Black Thunder – GOLD wins the award for taste this month with the Coris – Pirate Cola item being the most fun and I’d love to know what my figure is meant to be?!

OyatsuBox subscribers receive 15% discount which can be used on OyatsuCafe! You’ll also receive 20% discount if the item was in an OyatsuBox delivery!