ALYS image credit: HYPER JAPAN Festival

Meet ALYS.

Born on 10 March, 2014 – this blue-braided virtual singer is already a veteran of over ten musical festivals across Europe. ALYS will make her UK debut at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016, where she will take to the stage screen at the HYPER Theatre to perform a selection of songs from her debut album ‘Éveil’ and more!

Her performance lineup will feature numerous popular songs such as Sous cette pluie or Hajime Ni, both in French and Japanese. As a surprise to her fans in the UK, a new song will also be introduced for the first time! As a further surprise, guitarist Lightning will accompany ALYS on stage!


ALYS  is the world’s first ever Franco-Japanese virtual singer. Designed by illustrator Saphirya, ALYS is powered by Canadian singing synthesizer Alter/Ego by Plogue Art et Technologie. Riding on the success of her debut album, her sophomore album ‘Espoir’ is set to be released soon.

VoxWave is an French independent development studio founded in October 2012. Aiming to expand the universe of virtual singing to the wider French world, VoxWave’s ALYS project has met with success and great popularity.

Check out an album sampler for ‘Éveil’ below:

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