MCM London Comic Con has just enjoyed its most successful weekend ever, with a record-breaking 133,156 people attending the three-day pop culture festival! For many of the attendees, their focus and excitement was for one act in particular: BAND-MAID!

The groups video for ‘Thrill’, taken from their second mini-album ‘New Beginning’ has already clocked over 2.4 million views since it first hit YouTube in November 2014. BAND-MAID have one goal: global domination and after a weekend of supercharged live performances, the world will soon be theirs!

KAKKOII CLUB joins BAND-MAID on the eve of their debut performance in the UK to discuss their musical inspirations, hearing from fans worldwide & more!

Q. How does it feel to be here at the MCM London Comic Con?

Kanami Tono: “I’m so happy to be here!”

Miku Kobato: “I was looking forward to coming to Comic Con! For us, serving* in the UK is really important because our purpose is to conquer the world, so this is a really important progression for us…PO PO!**”

Q. Have you previously worked at a maid cafe as research for BAND-MAID?

Miku: Before we formed the band, I used to work at a maid cafe for three years…PO PO!”**

Q. Did you approach the writing process differently for ‘Brand New MAID’?

Akane Hirose: “We worked hard recording the songs for this album and pushed our individual limitations.”

BAND-MAID meeting their fans during MCM London Comic Con.

BAND-MAID meeting fans during MCM London Comic Con.

Q. For fans in the UK that have not experienced your live performance before, what can they expect at MCM London Comic Con?

Miku: “BAND-MAID wants the audience to enjoy the contradiction between cool Rock music and the cute costumes!”

Q. Which musical artists or bands inspire you?

Kanami: “I was inspired by Santana.”

Akane: “I was inspired by Maximum The Hormone from Japan and from western music, I was inspired by Deep Purple.”

Misa: “I was inspired by The Smashing Pumpkins.”

Saiki: “I inspired myself!”

Miku: “I was inspired by Japanese traditional ‘Enka’ music..PO PO!”**

BAND-MAID & Atmatsuki during the JPU Records Panel at MCM London Comic Con.

BAND-MAID & Amatsuki during the JPU Records Panel at MCM London Comic Con.

Q. How does it feel when fans are commenting on your social media from all around the world?

Miku: “When we see comments from outside of Japan, the comments and reactions encourages us to continue our music and it makes us feel really happy!”

Q. ‘The non-fiction days’ is your fifth music video. Which one has been the most fun to record?

Miku: ” ‘Don’t Let Me Down’! I ran around a lot of famous Japanese tourist spots and I was really tired! I had to wear high heels, it was really hard to run in those and the next day, my legs were very painful..PO PO**!”

Saiki: ‘Real Existence’. It was really, really hot! It was 30 degrees, we recorded the music video in front of a temple and we wore many outfits! It was very interesting!”

Q. Akane; What challenges do you face as the leader of BAND-MAID?

“Thank you very much! (laughs) There are so many things! Each member is really, really unique and it’s really difficult to get all the band members together! In terms of making music, they each have their own individual opinions, so I’m not the leader in that sense.”

Q. ‘Be OK’ & ‘Evergreen’ as featured on ‘MAID IN JAPAN’ sound perfect for an Anime’s title sequence! Would you like your music to be featured in an Anime series?

Miku:I want them to use our songs! This is one of our dreams! I’d love our songs to be featured in ‘Bleach’!”

Akane: ” ‘Evangelion’!!”

*BAND-MAID refer to their performances as ‘servings’.

**Miku’s surname is Kobato which in English means ‘small pigeon’, ‘PO’ is a reference to the sound a pigeon makes.

Thanks to JPU Records & BAND-MAID for this opportunity.