The ‘TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE’ project by artist Sebastian Masuda is a new style of public art in which people can participate by writing messages to the future and inserting memorabilia into a Domo-kun-shaped sculpture. Join in with the workshops where you can create your own Kawaii artwork and write a message to yourself in 20 years. The ‘TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE’ will be opened in Tokyo in 2035!

Don’t forget to take a picture with the world-famous NHK World mascot Domo while you are at the NHK World stand, too! Plus, experience the NHK World Video on Demand service and you’ll receive a ticket to participate in their Japanese Lottery Wheel!

If Domo-kun didn’t already have a busy weekend lined up at this years HYPER JAPAN Festival, you’ll also be able to watch him and his team performing ‘Domobics’! ‘Domobics’ is a 5-minute exercise using simple moves from aerobics and it’s a fun rhythmic workout with Domo! Domobics will be performed for the first time in the UK at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016, so join in with the workout with Domo at the main stage on Sunday 17th July. 

If you want to practice your moves in advance, train along with the clip below:

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