2016 is a special year for Broken Doll as they celebrate their 10th Anniversary after forming in Tokyo, back in 2006! The Kawaii Pop-Punk group are ready to perform at the HYPER JAPAN Festival this July but this won’t be the first time Broken Doll have performed at the UK’s largest event dedicated to Japanese culture!

KAKKOII CLUB spoke to brand owner and leader of Broken Doll: Kensuke!

‘I miss you’ has been viewed over 23,500 times since it was uploaded in 2014!

Broken Doll first performed at the HYPER JAPAN Festival in 2014. What are your memories from the event?

Kensuke: It was our first gig in the UK but a lot of people knew about us already; also, they enjoyed our gig! It was amazing and we had a lot of fun!

What came first; your passion to form a band or the fashion?

Kensuke: We started both at the same time.

Which musicians have inspired Broken Doll’s sound?

Kensuke: We love 80’s colourful Pop culture like Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Culture Club and a lot of L.A hair Metal like Poison!

Which fashion designers do you admire?

Kensuke: We love the London Punk style like The Sex Pistols. They have a crazy cool fashion brand Vivienne.


Image credit: https://www.facebook.com/BrokenDollJapan/

How was Broken Doll’s recent tour of South America?

Kensuke: The Brazilian people were so excited and they know how to enjoy a live Rock show!!

What are  your favourite tracks to perform live?

Kensuke: ‘I miss you’, ‘Reach for the sky’ & ‘Angel forever’!

Don’t miss Broken Doll’s pre – HYPER JAPAN Festival performance at The Pipeline, London on Thursday 14th July!

HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016 schedule: 

Friday 15th July – 3.30pm (HYPER live stage)

Saturday 16th July – 7.30pm (HYPER live stage)

Sunday 17th July – 11.30am (Fashion Show Special Guests – HYPER live stage)

3 day Festival passes have already sold out but individual Friday, Saturday and Sunday entry tickets are available to purchase here.

Check out Broken Doll’s online store for overseas fans here.

Huge thanks to Kensuke for his time and I can’t wait to see Broken Doll at the HYPER JAPAN Festival next month!