Thanks to OyatsuBox for sending me a ‘Premium Box’ every month for review! If the below gets your mouth watering, check out their site for more details on their subscription services. 

I’ve been waiting for this selection to arrive as soon as I found out that actor Tommy Lee Jones has appeared in numerous BOSS Coffee adverts in Japan! If the coffee is as powerful as the advert suggests, I could potentially complete this months review in record time!

Don Tacos.

OB_JUNE16_S2Two of my favourites in a single bag! ‘Dorito’ style tortilla crisps with an authentic Taco flavour! This is a limited release for 2016 which is a shame as they’re so delicious! Crunchy and loaded with flavour, enjoy this snack while it’s still available!!



Black Curry Puffs.


These snacks may look like coffee beans but are actually mini dough puffs made from 15 different spices! These miniature treats are light and if you’re a little worried about the heat factor, there’s no need to worry, as they are all quite mild!



Hello Kitty Senbei. – Premium Box only!


Hello Kitty features on the latest flavour from Bakauke Senbei. I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Matcha products but the flavour isn’t as overpowering as you might expect and these crackers would be a perfect snack for those mid-afternoon munchies!



Gudetama Gum. – Premium Box only!


Everyone’s favourite lazy egg ‘Gudetama’ features in this bubble gum pack which also features a cool sticker! As soon as I popped the bubble gum in my mouth it instantly sent me back to my younger years when I used to collect the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trading cards that would have a stick of bubble gum inside every pack! A quick burst of flavour that quickly fades but thanks for the memories!



Samurai Sword Candy.


This item had me intrigued as soon as I removed it from the box, another fun snack from Japan! Inside each pack you’ll find 1 of 5 different types of Samurai Sword! Remove the Swords outer layer to find out which one you have received and unleash the ramune candies from within! Even the candies have the strength of a Samurai and won’t allow you to chew them without a fight!



POP ZACK.– Premium Box only!


There’s nothing worse than having a snack craving and having to faff about trying to wrestle the box or packaging open! Meiji have constructed the packaging with us snack fans in mind and not only is there a handy thumb opening on the side of the packet, once you raise the lid there’s also a pre-cut marker marker on the inside, so you’ll be enjoying these heavenly Butterscotch wheat puffs in no time!



 BIG BAR Z – white.


Quite possible one of the most bizarre looking wafer snacks that I’ve seen but deliciously crunchy and filled with puffy, white milk chocolate! The ‘Big Bar’ is made for big appetites and a personal favourite from this months selection!


4starPokemon Cola Chews.

OB_JUNE16_S11Each Cola chew has it’s own theme and the Cola is deliciously refreshing! Can you name the Pokemon featured on the Cola sticks below??


3starSakuma Ichigo Stick. 


A perfect snack to eat while you’re out and about. These crunchy snacks are loaded with bursts of Strawberry milk flavour and are incredibly moreish!



Ramune Blue Hawaii– Premium Box only!


The combination of Soda & Pineapple flavour together is a mouth watering treat and if you look closely, you might just find a few happy faces marked in the candy! (Either that or the sugar might have gone to my brain a little too quickly!)



BOSS – Rainbow Mountain Blend– Premium Box only!


BOSS Coffee is the most popular canned Coffee drink sold in vending machines and stores throughout Japan! Don’t forget to leave this in your fridge to chill before drinking! For such a small can, the sharp Espresso flavours and aroma will be a must for any Coffeeholics out there! The milk and added sugar adds a smooth flavour to the blend while the taste is refreshing and delicious straight from the fridge!



Nyokinyoki Kororon Kracie DIY Kit – Premium Box only!


If like me you sometimes struggle to figure out which coloured packets should be used in each tray, never fear! Luckily there are dedicated Youtubers out there that can assist and prevent your DIY kit turning into a DIY disaster area! This pack does look a little more unusual and intriguing than the ones I’m used to receiving which also features a mini-sieve!


Talking of DIY disasters, it started off so well but the idea is you gently push the sieve down on top of the power and the candies pop through the base like mini worms! (It’s hilarious to watch!) I got a little carried away and pushed down too quickly instead of gradually adding pressure when you add the Melon, Pineapple and Rumune powder! One of the most bizarre candy kits I’ve tried to assemble from Kracie but also wins highly on the fun factor!




This months feature is Splatoon! The idea with this Gachapon is to plug this into your headphone jack, which would like ace but this is located on the bottom of my Samsung Galaxy S6! Still looks great on my pinboard though!



Although I failed pretty badly with this months DIY Candy Kit, I have to say it’s one of my favourite features from June’s selection! Just wait to see those worm like candies popping through your sieve and you’ll see what I mean! A close second would be BOSS Coffee, I loved the aroma and the delicious blend taste. Snackwise, Don Taco’s was my favourite! A giant sized bag loaded with Taco flavour, what’s not to like?!

Have you received your June OyatsuBox yet?? What have been your favourite items this month? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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