For fans of Esprit D’Air, 2016 is shaping up to being a memorable and exciting year! Not only have the band recently announced their reunion, three live dates have since been published and fans can’t wait to see their heroes live again in the near future!

KAKKOII CLUB caught up with band members Kai & Ellis to discuss their plans for the upcoming year, penning new material & their admiration for their worldwide fans!

Esprit D’Air reformed earlier this year to perform at a fundraiser for the Fukushima orphans, did this spark talks of a reunion after the fantastic comments you received from the audience and fans on Facebook post event?

Kai: “We had been talking about some plans ever since we did that one-off show. I didn’t think it would actually come true, with some members busy and back in Japan but I am glad we were able to perform together again. I really missed this band, I missed playing the music and performing with these guys.”

Ellis: “Yes, this really gave us a reason to talk about reunion and it felt like the right choice and the right time for Esprit D’Air to kick start again. The band meant a lot to me and I really missed playing the shows we did.”

Were you nervous before you took to the stage at the Fukushima fundraiser show? 

Kai: “A little nervous. With our old singer back in Japan, it was my first time singing and playing lead guitar for the band. We also went from a five-piece to a trio, so it was a challenge to get our sound to be just as big. However, we pulled through and we had a lot of fun that night and it was definitely a night to remember.”

Ellis: “I never felt as nervous playing a show I have a say! I felt like there was a lot of expectations to live up to as going from a five-piece to a trio meant we had to step up our game even further but I was glad it was a success in the end.”

Now you’ve reformed with a revised line-up, will the classic sound of Esprit D’Air take a new form/direction?

Kai: “Yes, I think our direction and sound has matured even more but the foundations of our style still remain the same. Our music is described as having both broody breakdowns and melodic interludes, and those elements still exist in our new music. We like to combine both heavy and melodic characteristics of our sound together because we love experimenting with both.”

Ellis: “We always like to push our music to new boundaries but still incorporating the Esprit D’Air sound that people have become familiar with into new material. What I can say is, you won’t be disappointed!”

You have three live shows planned for 2016, how would you describe your show to someone that hasn’t seen you before?

Kai: “We are theatrical in our performances, so I would really love to see our audience give us the same energy we give out.”

Ellis: “Intense and energetic. There’s a lot of jumping around and moving around from us when we’re up there on stage feeling the music, we’d love to see the audience enjoy themselves too.”


Kai – You’ve now moved from guitarist to vocalist too. How did you find this transition and what do you enjoy more; playing guitar or providing vocals for the band?

“To be honest, I have always enjoyed playing the guitar more—I love the instrument. I can sing, but I just wanted to be known as a guitarist. That’s why I chose not to sing, but now, I don’t think I mind it so much. I might love singing as much as I play guitar now, so being both the sole guitarist and vocalist is perfect. The only thing that I miss about being just a guitarist is that I won’t be able to jump around as much as I used to!”

Have you already started to pen new lyrics / songs? If so, can we expect a taster at HYPER JAPAN?

Kai: “Yes, have new lyrics. Some songs are in both English and Japanese—this will be the first time we will have written songs in English, but still mostly Japanese. We will be performing at least three new songs at HYPER JAPAN, along with the older songs like ‘Shizuku’ and ‘The Hunter’.”

Ellis: “We’re excited to be playing some new material for the crowd at HYPER JAPAN.”

You have a very dedicated fanbase with some fans willing to travel many miles to catch your live performance later this year, how does this make you feel?

Kai: “It really surprises me. Some fans flew from other countries, some drove or took a train from other cities to come see us. To have such dedicated fans makes me feel very blessed, fortunate and really motivated to continue doing what I do. Thank you!”

Ellis: “I will first like to thank every single person who has travelled to come to see us. Thank you so much as I truly feel happy knowing there are people who are just as much as passionate about our music as much as we are. Our fans will always have a special place in my heart.”

Was it difficult keeping the plans of your reunion a secret?

Kai: “Yes, it was! Of course, we couldn’t keep it away from our closest friends and family but a lot of things have been happening whilst we prepared for this reunion, so it was very difficult to keep it an ongoing secret.”

Ellis: “It was difficult yes. There were so many times when I wanted to tell it all when people asked me about Esprit D’Air but I wanted it to be a surprise.”

Esprit D’Air will be performing on the HYPER Live Stage, Saturday 16th July at 4.15pm!

Esprit D’Air will be performing on the HYPER Live Stage, Saturday 16th July at 4.15pm!

Besides your three announced live shows, what are the bands plans for the rest of 2016/2017?

Kai: “After the upcoming three shows, we will be working in our studio, recording new tracks—hopefully you will see our new material come out in Winter. The may be some more shows announced along the way too.”

Ellis: “I will be playing bass, eating a lot and playing video games.”

Would you like to pass on a message to your fanbase?

Kai: “Hey, thank you for supporting us and for being so loyal to us. I just hope you haven’t forgotten about us over these three years. We will be working harder than we have ever before!”

Ellis: “Do you remember us? If you do, then great! Hopefully we’ll see you again soon at our shows. If you don’t know us, then we’re Esprit D’Air and we’ve come to take over your playlist with some jaw shattering, foot stomping, head banging music. Come say ‘hi’ to us, we’re friendly people, really.”

Thanks to Adam at Greater PR and to Esprit D’Air for this opportunity.

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