For fans of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, this tour couldn’t come any sooner! Many die hard fans have been waiting years to see their heroes perform live and their first European tour kicked off in London, last week at The Underworld!

KAKKOII CLUB spoke to the band about touring Europe for the first time, pre-show rituals and more!

H= Hiro





Which three words would you choose to describe ‘Zetes’?

H: “Strong, Power, Destroy.”

N: “The strongest, fastest, most passionate.”

C: “Emotional, Brutal, Extreme.”

D: “Loud, Silence, Extreme.”

M: “Extreme, emotional, strong.”

What excites you the most about touring Europe for the first time?

H: “I’m so excited to see the fans.”

N: “Fans voice!”

C: “To see crazy fans in Europe!”

D: “Excited to feel fans passion that I could not meet before.”

M: “Drink two Red Bull!”

What can European fans expect from your live performances?

H: “I will show you an amazing performance you’ve never seen before.”

N: “The Nocturnal Bloodlust.”

C: “Fans can expect our extreme music from Japan.”

D: “Our usual cool performances.”

M: “I would like fans to enjoy our music.”

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

H: “Work out.”

N: “Deep breath.”

C: “Nothing special.”

D: “Drink hot water.”

Which bands / musicians have inspired the sound of ‘Nocturnal Bloodlust’?

H: “My vocal style is inspired by Suicide Silence, All Shall Perish, Job For A Cowboy and so on.”

N: “Joey Jordison & Daniel Erlandsson.”

C: “The Black Dahlia Murder.”

D: “Cradle Of Filth.”

M: “Larc En Ciel, Dragon Ash, Mudvayne.”

How was your first European concert in London?

H: “It was a great night!! I promise we’ll be back to play again. I also wait for you guys in Japan. Thank you!”

N: “I want to come and perform again!”

C: “I really enjoyed as the audience was so excited!”

D: “We could feel fans powerful passion greatly!”

M: “Very fun, I want to come and perform again!”

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Thanks to NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST and B7KLAN for this opportunity. 

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