If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ll know Fanny Chu’s passion for food (especially Ramen) has always been of interest! Fanny returns with her latest project tasting 100+ bowls of Ramen in Japan, ending up with 25 bowls that she can’t ever forget!


This poster illustrates 25 top Ramen bowls that are highly recommended by Japanese locals, food critics, and Ramen experts in Japan. Mark them off one by one as you try these delicious Ramen bowls in person when visiting Japan!

Fanny’s Kickstarter campaign has already smashed her target of $1,500 (currently at $2,798 at time of writing) and contains her iconic illustrations to tease your tastebuds! In the past half year, Fanny has travelled to Japan and started her Ramen journey. Fanny conducted a lot of research of Ramen shops, recommendation from friends and other Ramen experts. As a result, Fanny has tried over 100 Ramen bowls over these 6 months!

“After trying so many superb Ramen, these top 25 Ramen bowls on THE RAMEN CHART are definitely THE 25 BOWLS that I will recommend to a true Ramen lover. Most of these Ramen have already received awards from the country, some won the local’s most favourite Ramen bowls, some are very popular overseas too!” 


Each Ramen bowl are drawn from Fannys photos, which were taken from each visit during her 100+ bowl journey! This provides clues of toppings, noodle types, and side dishes from simply the presentation of each bowl. Although over 50% are located in the Tokyo area, there are recommended shops located in southern part of the country like Osaka, Hyogo, Wakayama, Nara, Fukuoka, as well as all the way North in Hokkaido. Plenty to tick off your list when you next visit Japan!

If Fanny’s latest project has got your stomach rumbling, head on over to her Kickstarter campaign where you can find a variety of pledge bundle options!

Which Ramen bowls would make your top 25 list?? Share your thoughts in the comments below!