BAND-MAID fans across Europe are looking forward to the groups debut tour in October! Earlier this year, the band announced their first European Tour dates in addition to a previously announced headlining show in Mexico. Due to endless offers from events all over the world, BAND-MAID have now added two further dates to their ‘Brand New MAID’ Release World Tour!

The extended dates now include:

  • 30th October: (Sun) Lucca Comics & Games 2016, Lucca, Italy 
  • 1st November: (Tue) Salón del Manga de Barcelona, Spain 


If that wasn’t enough exciting news, BAND-MAID have also announced their next single titled ‘YOLO’ will be released on 16th November! Two editions of the single will be released in the following formats:

– Limited Edition (CDMS + band score) / CRCP-10366 / ¥ 1,389 + tax
–  Regular Edition (CDMS) / CRCP-10367 / ¥ 1,111 + tax
[CD] ※ (all four songs scheduled)
· Unfair game
· Matchless GUM
· YOLO (instrumental)
※ Limited Edition: The above CD + band score, planned with a sleeve case

I’ll add pre-order links and single artwork as soon as they become available!

Have you bought your tickets already?? Which dates are you attending?? Share your thoughts in the comments below!