Thanks to OyatsuBox for feeding my Japanese snack cravings every month with their ‘OyatsuBox’ selection for review! If the below gets your mouth watering, head on over to their website to discover more on their subscription services!

Before we kick off the latest taste test, OyatsuBox have recently revised their subscription services! Don’t fear, you’ll still get 10-14 full size treats and a Gachapon with the ‘OyatsuBox’ selection but the DIY candy kits have now been added to their ‘Dagashi’ range. If you’d like to try something a little different, OyatsuBox now offer a ‘Washoku’ selection including a range of Ramen, Senbei and a selection of Tea & Coffee from Japan! Which of the three subscription services ticks your boxes? Let me know in the comments below!


Pocari Sweat.


I’ve heard a lot of good things about Pocari Sweat! When I heard OyatsuBox would be adding the powder form into their selection, I couldn’t wait to try it!! Simply add 150ml to the powder, stir and enjoy! Perfect after a work out at the Gym and has a delicious lemon-lime taste to restore your bodies energy faster than a Duracell battery!



Blendy Matcha.


If all this snack tasting gets your taste buds overworked and thirsty, OyatsuBox have the perfect refreshment for you! Once I opened the pack I was intrigued to discover not one but four portions of Blendy Matcha. Simply open one and add to 150ml of ice cold milk or water and you have a refreshing beverage in seconds! I tried one portion with milk and wasn’t sure what to expect but I really enjoyed the Matcha flavour and was a perfect way to cool down on a hot day!



Yaki Soba.


The biggest item in this months OyatsuBox and one I couldn’t wait to taste!! The hardest part was waiting three minutes once the boiling water had been added! Drain the water, add the sachets, mix and enjoy! A super quick DIY snack that’s easy to prepare, packed with flavour and serves a huge portion – perfect for someone like me that’s always hungry! Win! Win!



Country Ma’am.


According to this months menu, these treats created by Country Ma’am are “Japan’s most popular cookies” and I tried to hold off and save these for my last item to review but I kept catching the packet in the corner of my eye and it wasn’t long before I had to delve in!! These cookies definitely have that ‘home made’ style and look to them but that doesn’t detract from the packed, chocolatey flavours that are waiting within! One treat that chocaholics will definitely give two thumbs up to!



Edaname Snack.


When I initially looked at this packet, I thought “salted peas as a snack? That doesn’t sound right!” I was pleasantly surprised and loved these light and delicious Edaname flavours! “A real taste of Japanese Summer time” as the menu reads and a new personal favourite!!



Osomatsu Gummy.


This pack of gummies features the iconic Osomatsu-kun, released to celebrate the 80th Birthday of his creator, Fujio Akatsuka. These slightly bitter tasting candies definitely had me asking if I like the taste but my curiosity had me going back for more! What did you think of these treats?



Pikachu Popcorn.


What do you do when you’ve had a hard day out and about playing Pokemon GO all day? Relaxing with a great film and enjoying Pikachu Popcorn of course! Butter Soy Popcorn (which is a limited edition item for August) is as moreish as it sounds! The mini Pikachu shaped Caramel crackers are packed with flavour. Possibly one item you won’t want to share!!



Balloon Fruit Bubblegum.


These mega yummy Blueberry and Yogurt flavoured bubblegums come packed in this super handy dispenser, perfect for when you’re out and about and don’t want to faff with peeling the wrappers off a sticky bubblegum wrapper! These refreshing flavours will have your taste buds jumping for joy!



Rilakkuma Pretzel.


These creamy, honey butter pretzel sticks will have your mouth watering as soon as you open the super kawaii packet featuring Rilakkuma Bear! Deliciously crunchy and light, enjoy while chilling with everyone’s favourite Bear!



Pompompurin Lolly.


This may look like a standard lemon flavoured lolly but it’s actually pudding flavoured which confuses and delights my taste buds at the same time! Definitely a fun treat that will have you guessing the pudding flavour throughout your experience!





This months Gacha comes from Fuchiko Series 5. This pop culture is made to balance on the edge of your cup or glass and has six different items to collect! Which one did you receive??

Which items from this months OyatsuBox have your mouth watering?? Share your thoughts in the comments below!