Tired of lugging your camping gear through muddy fields and want to treat your taste buds to a meal packed with fine dining and not greasy, overpriced burgers?? I have just the Festival for you!

YO! Festival has arrived at YO! Sushi*, bringing a headlining selection of 46 dishes all priced at £2.80!! The best part is that you don’t have to wait until the evening to enjoy your favourite dish! YO! Festival takes place all day Monday to Friday! I decided to head on down to my local YO! Sushi in Milton Keynes to get a taste of a new cultural Festival to satisfy the senses!


YO! Sushi – Milton Keynes

Over the past year I’ve introduced YO! Sushi to a number of work colleagues and our group has been growing to the stage where we can’t all fit in one booth! YO! Sushi’s ‘Blue Monday’ promotion is the perfect remedy returning to work after a fun weekend and with many of our favourite dishes at £2.80, you can’t go wrong with that! When we all meet up after work, we can normally get a booth but it seems the early bird Festival crowd have beaten us to it and it’s one of the busiest evening’s I’ve witnessed at the Milton Keynes branch!


Dynamite Rolls – Can you handle the heat??

We’re welcomed upon arrival and due to all the booth’s being unavailable, we head on over to grab a seat opposite the kitchen (It’s always fun watching the Chefs hard at work and enjoying the friendly banter). I take a look at my YO! Festival menu and sigh with relief knowing all of my favourites and more are available from the ‘Blue Monday’ menu! Dynamite Rolls have been a favourite in our group for some time now and never disappoint! A delightful combination of salmon and avocado nori roll topped with rayu chilli oil, sriracha, mayo and spring onion! The mayo coating is a deliciously thin blanket that cools your mouth before the rayu chili oil comes back with a little heat to get those taste buds jumping!


Saba Sushi – *Adds to favourites*

Taste buds rocking – check! Visual stimulation – check! I’ve never seen a Sushi Train packed with so many well prepared dishes and with so much to choose from, my stomach was having arguments with my brain over which dish I was going to enjoy next! I always aim to try something new on each visit to YO! Sushi and after having the chance to fully take in the vast amount of dishes on offer, one in particular caught my eye! A dish named Saba Sushi has circulated past me a few times and first the presentation was so well crafted but then I discovered Saba is Mackerel and I leaped out of my stool to grab a plate before it left my grasp! Glazed with a delicious Teriyaki coating and topped with spring onion, this dish would normally cost £3.55 and is now a new favourite in my ‘YO! Top 5’!


Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi – Keep those plates coming!!

At this stage I’d like to point out that way more than three dishes were consumed during our evening at YO! Festival but the featured three dishes above were my highlights (of which there were many!) If you’ve never tried Mochi before, YO! Festival is the perfect chance to enjoy this dish (normally £4.00) at a bargain price and a perfect way to conclude your Festival experience! The Mochi texture really is like something you haven’t experienced before and after enjoying the Chocolate Mochi on a previous visit, I knew I had to get involved with the Strawberry Cheesecake edition!

Packed with flavour and a dreamy Cheesecake filling, I ate my Mochi’s so fast my plate was spinning! The only downside was that I had to wait a while to find another plate to satisfy my new favourite craving! After a fun evening and witnessing such a fantastic turnout with customers even briefly queuing outside of YO! Milton Keynes due to the demand, YO! Festival 2016 is on the road to success and I will definitely be returning before the event concludes on 23rd September!

*YO! Festival runs from 5th – 23rd September 2016 (Monday to Friday).

Has the above got your taste buds jumping with excitement?? Which dishes have been your highlights from the YO! Festival menu?? Share your thoughts in the comments below!