Thanks to OyatsuBox for feeding my Japanese snack cravings every month with their ‘OyatsuBox’ selection for review! If the below gets your mouth watering, head on over to their website to discover more on their subscription services!

Browsing through September’s menu (which now features awesome photos of Japan on the reverse), I’m already excited by the images of giant bags of crisps, Splatoon featured gummies and Banana sherbet! My taste buds are already making my mouth water so let’s get right to the review!

UFO Chips.


Reminiscent of ‘Nik Naks’ here in the UK, this giant bag flavoured like the iconic UFO Yakisoba Noodles are huge in size and in flavour! I tried to pace myself and save some for later but as usual, once the bag was opened, the contents were quickly devoured!



Calbee Saporro Potato.

These crisps are made with potatoes from Sapporo, Hokkaido (also home to one of my all time favourite Oreo flavours!) and combined with nine different vegetables you’re presented with a deliciously light snack!



Petit – Chunichi Dragons.


These ‘Pringle’ shaped crisps may look small but they are packed with a delicious chicken wing flavour! For those sports fans out there, you may recognise the mascot on the packet! This delicious snack promotes Nagoya’s baseball team ‘Chunichi Dragons!



Pretz – Creamy Butter.


These deliciously creamy sticks are the perfect ‘go to’ snack for when you need a little pick me up in the afternoon! Don’t worry if you scoff the first pack in one go as each box contains two for your enjoyment! You can even lock your opened packet back into the box to enjoy another day but where’s the fun in that?? ^_^



Monster Hunter Meshi.


These candies might not look like much but they sure pack a punch, filled with energy drink flavour to give you that extra kick when you need it most! A chewy and slightly bitter flavour that will be sure to keep you on your toes! The pack is resealable, so you can store additional units until you need your next power boost!



Pineapple Gummy.


These classic ‘Dagashi’ gummies are quite sticky and put up a fight squeezing them out of the packet but these 5 pineapple rings are a little bland on flavour and didn’t contain the refreshing taste I was expecting.



Splatoon Gummy.


This vibrant pack of gummies features character’s from Nintendo’s super popular Wii U game ‘Splatoon’! The characters come in two flavours; Melon & Orange that are both delicious! The Melon is especially refreshing and a new favourite to my gummy collection!



Mintia – Calpis.


This handy, pocket sized pack of mints contains a delicious flavour of Calpis soda and according to this months menu has regular celebrity endorsements! Instead of just a mint flavour, baffle your taste buds with a bit of soda also with every chew!



Umai Strawberry Bites.


These super kawaii heart shaped treats contain a delicious and sweet strawberry, chocolate flavour! The wafer treats are light which means you can enjoy even more in one go! ^_^



Puchitto ‘Shari’ Ramune.


Just when I thought we might be going a month without any Ramune candies, this vibrant pack falls into my lap and all is not lost! Unique bubble-shaped candies with a Ramune soda fizz are as fun as illustrated on the packet!



Big Bar Z.


As soon as I read ‘Big Bar Z’ on the packet, my eyes lit up! You may remember back in June’s selection the white milk chocolate edition was featured, now we’re able to enjoy the original Big Bar Z flavour! Once again, this huge wafer doesn’t disappoint! Packed with layers of creamy chocolate, this is one treat to savour and enjoy!



Nom Nom Sherbet. – FREEZE FIRST!


Last August I was lucky enough to try my first Melon Sherbet and it couldn’t have come at a better time as temperatures were in the high 20’s! It’s great to see an old favourite returning to OyatsuBox and this time I’m able to enjoy the Banana flavour! These little packs are perfect for a refreshing lift on a hot day and unlike ice cream, it won’t drip all over your hands making a real mess! Definitely worth waiting for as my last item to review this month! Deliciously refreshing and goes straight to the top of this months favourites!




This month features a Pokémon gachapon! Can you name the Pokémon in this pack??

Which items from this months OyatsuBox have your mouth watering?? Share your thoughts in the comments below!