Tonight (6th October) might be KEMURI’S final UK show supporting Less Than Jake as part of the Fireball:Fuelling The Fire Tour but there’s no signs of this Ska train slowing down! In fact, KEMURI are pumped full of enthusiasm, fun vibes and thankful for having the chance to perform in London tonight.

As the house lights go down, the horn section runs to the front of the stage, amping up the crowd and considering the early door time, it’s great to see such willingness from tonight’s audience who need little encouragement to respond to vocalist Fumio Ito’s calls to stretch out your arms and hug the person next to you or just dance along and have fun!

It’s hard not to enjoy KEMURI’S on stage charms and we’re treated to a supercharged Ska set which closes with ‘PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)’, instantly recognised by tonight’s audience, who are more than up to the challenge of keeping up with Fumio Ito’s high energy levels!

Relive the action packed set in the above photo gallery. If you loved KEMURI’S set and want to listen to more of their music (and why wouldn’t you??), ‘SKA BRAVO’ is now available to purchase direct from JPU Records.

Did you catch KEMURI on one of their four UK dates supporting Less Than Jake?? Share your experiences in the comments below!