London-based space metal trio Esprit D’Air have announced that their upcoming single, ‘Rebirth’ will be released this year on 14th December 2016. The newly-reformed band will be kicking off a two-date release show in the UK and France.

Reformed in 2016, Esprit D’Air are an electronic rock & space metal band based in London. The band is now comprised of Kai (vocal & guitar), Ellis (bass) and Daishi (drums).


Esprit D’Air rocking HYPER JAPAN Festival earlier this year!

Their sound is unique and fresh in its ability to fuse hard-hitting aggression with melodic interludes. Earlier this year, I interviewed Kai & Ellis which discusses their revised line up, their dedicated fanbase and more! Check out the full article here.

Upcoming Shows:
16th December 2016 – Venue TBA, London, UK
17th December 2016 – Le Trianon, Paris, France

What are you expecting to hear on the trio’s forthcoming track ‘Rebirth’?? Share your thoughts in the comments below!