Earlier this year, I wrote an article about my latest NETFLIX addiction which was ‘Terrace House: Boys & Girls In The City’. Not only was it a great tool to listening to more of the Japanese language but the show was a refreshing change to the awful ‘reality’ TV series that somehow are continually renewed here in the UK.

It did’t take long for me to complete all 18 episodes of Season 1 in one weekend back in April and after what seems like years of waiting, Season 2 has just been released on NETFLIX! There’s a total of 28 episodes in this latest release, the question is, “Can I restrict myself to watching just two episodes per day to make the series stretch a little further until the next release?” It’s going to be a tough ride but one I’m going to try and stick with!

Stay tuned for updates as I’ll add a new post on the full Season 1 Part 2 experience over the coming weeks!

If you’re not familiar with the series, check out the teaser trailer below:

Are you already hooked to ‘Terrace House: Boys & Girls In The City?’ How long did it take you to polish off Season 1 Part 1? Share your experiences in the comments below!