HIZAKI first came to prominence as the beautiful onnagata guitarist of the Visual-Kei band Versailles. The term onnagata originates with traditional Kabuki theatre and refers to a man dressing up as a woman in a theatrical context but Visual-Kei artists like HIZAKI have helped bring that ancient tradition forward into a modern setting. Despite his long flowing hair, impeccable makeup and intricate gowns, HIZAKI is more than just a pretty face. His impressive guitar skills and extensive musical background have landed him a place as one of the most respected Visual-Kei guitarists today!

With almost 20 years in the Visual-Kei scene, HIZAKI is a well-known figure to most fans. A founding figure of the band Versailles (formed with ex LAREINE member Kamijo), HIZAKI also boasts a long career as a solo artist, composer and producer. He has been active in numerous bands – some of which might jog the memories of older fans – including Jupiter, CRACK BRAIN, Schwardix Marvallay, and Node of Scherzo. This impressive musical CV had him working with members of the bands Madeth Gray’ll, D, Moi dix Mois, Schwarz Stein.

As of 7th August 2016, Versailles has officially reformed but despite his busy schedule, HIZAKI continues to push himself to new heights with his first solo live in Japan, followed by his appearance at the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!

If you’d like to see HIZAKI in action prior to his appearance at the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, click on the image above to witness his incredible talent!

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