Thanks to OyatsuBox for feeding my Japanese snack cravings every month with their ‘OyatsuBox’ selection for review! If the below gets your mouth watering, head on over to their website to discover more on their subscription services!


There’s two new exciting additions before we even get to the snack review! OyatsuBox recently shared an updated image of their mascot, ‘Oyatsu-Chan’! Keep an eye out on their website and future boxes for more sightings of their vibrant and fun mascot!


The second cool feature is the menu has now changed to a postcard format! Debuting in the October Edition, each months card will feature a new image from Japan! This is printed on high quality card and you still have a ‘mini-menu’ on the reverse which links to the main website for further details. I’m looking forward to collecting them all while enjoying the many sights of Japan!

Super Mario Pizza Crisps.


With five different bag designs you could have received with October’s selection, I couldn’t be happier to receive the classic ‘8 bit’ Super Mario design! If that wasn’t enough, this Pizza flavoured snack shaped as stars and mushrooms are super delicious! These mini-snacks are light and airy but are filled with flavour!



Karl Stick – Luxury Cheese.


Calling all cheese lovers, this is a snack you won’t want to miss out on! Containing five cheese flavours including Cheddar & Edam Blue, these individual sticks are pure heaven for when you’re after a cheese fix during your working day! Crunchy and packed with flavour, there’s more than enough of these individual sticks for you to enjoy!



Umaibo Bites – Sugar Rusk.


‘Umaibo’ literally translates as ‘delicious stick’ and that’s exactly what these snacks are! Wonderfully shaped to resemble thin slices of bread, these light, puffy corn treats are flavoured like Sugar Rusk; a Japanese snack made from twice baked bread and coated with sugar! Oishi!!



 Tsundere Mont Gum.


Once you open  the packet, the sweet Lemon smell will give you a hint of what’s to follow! These balls of bubblegum have the sweet Lemon flavour on the outside and a slightly tangy sour centre! Will you be able to enjoy these treats without pulling a range of bizarre faces?!



 Dragon Quest Fit’s – Slime Flavour.


This handy pack of gum may seem like fun on the outside, (featuring the iconic slime character from Dragon Quest) but the taste isn’t as refreshing as you might expect! A rather potent flavour that won’t have you reaching for another pack!



Puccho – World Apple.


A limited release in Japan, this Winter special soft chew is overflowing with the delicious flavours of sweet apples! You’ll also find little, hard pieces of candy in the centre of each chew which adds to the texture and mouth watering taste!



Schuwappu Grape.


From Kracie (Japan’s largest brand of DIY candy kits),  comes a range of sea animals with a Grape flavour! You can customise these treats as you wish, you may notice the gaps on the sea animal creatures, where you can push in up to three ramune candies for added flavour! Another fun treat from Kracie that adults and children will enjoy alike!



Greengrocer DIY Kit.


Quite possibly one of the most fun times I’ve had with a candy kit! A simple yet fun concept where everything you need is inside the packaging, including a pop-out market stall! Shape the fruit and vegetables to your own colour design then place on the shop front, ready for your customers! I even added a little friend from a previous OyatsuBox, can you guess where he’s from?! The great part is, once you’ve completed your masterpiece, you can then enjoy the treats you’ve made!



KIT-KAT Daily Extravagance.


I had to save the biggest (and best) item for last! This is the latest release from KIT-KAT, featuring only the finest ingredients! It’s inspired by KIT-KAT Moleson from Tokyo’s KIT-KAT Chocolatory. The Nestle Chocolatory in downtown Tokyo makes luxury Kit-Kat flavors that are sold in small gift boxes! You may think, “Hmm..that’s bizarre, only one stick per wrapper??” but that really adds to the experience! Allowing you to savour and enjoy the thick chocolate layers, almonds and raspberries that are delicately sprinkled on the top of each individual treat. One of this months favourite items from OyatsuBox and a real treat to enjoy this stunning new flavour!





October’s Edition features a gachapon called ‘Funassyi’! I believe this is an unofficial mascot representing Chiba! Which Funassyi figure did you receive??

Which items from this months OyatsuBox have your mouth watering?? Share your thoughts in the comments below!