Just over a month ago, Ska band KEMURI joined an epic line-up on the ‘Fuelling The Fire Tour’ consisting of Ska legends Less Than Jake, The Skints & Mariachi El Bronx! If you were one of the lucky members of the audience to catch KEMURI on the opening four nights of the tour, you would have witnessed first hand their super charged energy and good fun vibes!

KEMURI gained a whole load of new fans eager for the group to return asap! In the meantime, check out our interview with vocalist Fumio Ito!

Q. If you could cover any song in a ‘Ska’ style, which song would you choose and why?

“I would choose old Japanese Pop songs which have a lot of Jazz influence because they have the coolest horn melodies!”

Q. KEMURI recently completed a tour of the U.S. with Streelight Manifesto. Did you enjoy the challenge of performing to a new audience that might not know your music?

“Yes, we enjoyed it very much! The fans of Streetlight Manifesto were wonderful! The crowd loved us a lot and we loved them a lot! That was a challenge but we were glad that we tried out best!”

Q. Which aspects of British culture do you find the most bizarre?

“The most bizarre….? Well, drinking lukewarm Beer I guess!”

Frontman Fumio addressing the audience at O2 Academy Brixton.

Frontman Fumio addressing the audience at O2 Academy Brixton.


Q. Which KEMURI track means the most to you and why?

“PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) because PMA is the band philosophy!”

Q. Do you remember  your first introduction to ‘Ska’ music?

“Yes I do. That was The Specials!”

Q. What do you most enjoy about the ‘Ska’ sound?

“Ska makes me want to dance. Ska makes me want to enjoy my life a lot. The rhythm and the horns sounds very cool to me.”


Horns up for KEMURI at O2 Brixton Academy!


Q. Taiyo Matsumoto created the artwork for your best of album ‘Ska Bravo’. Did you approach Taiyo with a concept for the artwork?

“Well, there was a specific piece of his art we wanted to use for ‘Ska Bravo’ and yes, we approached him with the concept to make it more colourful.”

Q. ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ is a strong theme with KEMURI. How does KEMURI promote ‘PMA’?

“We don’t try to promote ‘PMA’ but we live with it. We believe that each one of us has it’s own PMA, you know.”

Thanks to Tom at JPU Records for this opportunity.

‘SKA BRAVO’ is out now and available to purchase directly from  JPU Records.