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Photo gallery: J-PUNK group Mutant Monster invade the UK!

At time of writing, Mutant Monster are due to hit the stage on the final night of their current UK Tour at The Prince Albert in Brighton. I’m still buzzing from last night’s performance at The Underworld in Camden Town, London and like many other fans (I presume) have spent the day listening to the bands CD’s that they purchased throughout the tour or watched their live videos on a constant loop via YouTube!

Tour final in Brighton - Photo: Sachie Hamaya

Tour final at The Prince Albert in Brighton. (Image Credit: Sachie Hamaya)

One thing is for sure, Mutant Monster’s mix of fist pumping, sing-a-long tracks have really made their mark on the UK audience over the past week and when you combine that with their raw and energetic set, if you blink you’re bound to miss something! Shortly after the doors opened at The Underworld, fans were already queuing to purchase every item of merchandise that was on offer; including a live DVD, a selection of CD’s, stickers, t-shirts and a towel! The trio were also very accommodating and happy to sign fans merchandise and pose for photos in what seemed like an endless queue!

Prior to the bands storming set at The UnderworldKAKKOII CLUB took the group exploring around Camden Town which you can view in the gallery above, along with live photos from their London performance.

Thanks to Paul Ayres & Mutant Monster for this opportunity.

How many times did you catch Mutant Monster on their debut UK Tour? Share your experiences in the comments below!


  1. paul pablo anderson

    1st venue for Mutant Monster / Touch my Secret U.K. Tour Monday 14th Nov, Hare & Hounds, Birmingham. – – great day & night all round. met some fantastic friendly people (11 of which were from our very own fb group here) the count in the room was somewhere between 45 – 50 people, the merch stall did more than its fair share of bumping up the takings for the night. – – – TOUCH MY SECRET – What a great opening act, the volume was a little on the loud side for them, was hard to hear the vocals clearly, but musically performed a great set of songs : ANNE on lead guitar & vocals was exceptional, super talented guitarist, lovely demeanure & charming smile. CHLOE bass & vocals, Miss Dependable, solid bass player, so smooth : LOUIE drums, worked his sweat up well, did a great drum solo, lovely guy. – – – – MUTANT MONSTER, I didn’t get autographs or photo’s with the girls, but their performance on the night blew me away, the energy they put into a performance is phenomenal. MEANA guitar & vocals : Gave 110%, superb performance, lovely smile & totally kicked ass. BE Bass & vocals, first 2 songs she was like a woman possesed, gave it absolutely everything, she wasn’t at the merch stall before the show but she certainly lets you know when she is on the stage. CHAD drums : A real crowd pleaser, love the way she involves the crowd, get’s everyone up for it, solid throughout & super cute. Gave her a belated birthday gift before the show, her reaction was one i will never forget – – – I took a few photo’s but no lights were facing the stage so the images are not to good, really needed flash photography, but because the whole show was videoed, I declined to use flash. I will wait until the bands own photographers pictures are revealed. I videoed on mobile phone, but as everyone knows, the sound is always crap. Hi Hi The highlight of the night was, I got to stand directly infront of the lovely ANNE of TMS & then directly infront of the awesome MEANA, both were only a few inches away. I will add another comment of the final show which I went too at Brighton when I get time, it was quite an eventful day, getting there was a nightmare, and being guest-listed was a fantastic surprise…………………. to be continued

    • Kakkoii Club

      Awesome review Paul! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  2. Ian Bradshaw

    Like Ben said, a great set of photo’s (my old bald head managed to sneak into one of them) – a really fantastic night, both bands were truly awesome and so lovely and sweet when talking to them when buying merch.
    Also the other fans were simply brilliant we really had a great night and made many new friends.
    Really hope they come back soon and hope more people turn up to see them as there were only a handful of us freezing our butts off outside (especially Sean Millington as he’d left his jacket at his hotel – the youth of today eh 🙂 ) until nearly opening time.
    Touch My Secret were brilliant (especially for such a new band – can see why Avex have signed them tho’) but the true masters were Mutant Monster who had the whole audience (which seemed to have grown for their appearance) enraptured and eating out of their hands.
    All in all my best value gig night ever and one i hope to repeat real soon.

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Ian, I loved the whole evening and like yourself made some new friends! The whole scene is fantastic and being able to share gig experiences with like minded fans at the event just adds to a fun experience! Which items of merch did you purchase? My towel is proudly displayed on my wall! ^_^

      • Ian Bradshaw

        Yeah I got the MM towel and the TMS one plus three MM shirts a signed dvd (already had all their cds) signed photoset and a keyring, also got a signed TMS cd (already had it but I had to get something with a signature ) just don’t tell the wife how much money I spent 🙂
        I wanted to buy as much as I could afford so that it might encourage them to come back 🙂
        Both the towels are currently hanging in my computer room – the MM one is awesome! !!

        • Kakkoii Club

          Wow, nice selection! Have you got any more gigs lined up before the end of the year? ‘Boris’ should be one to catch next month at The Electric Ballroom!

          • Ian Bradshaw

            Probably not…. Boris would be cool but i’m a bit skint now LOL
            What with Christmas just round the corner and all the pre-orders I’ve got on CDJapan i’m pretty much done (oh and Hyper-Japan this weekend) – the wife expects to be fed sometimes.
            If i’m lucky i’ll get to Versailles gig at the end of January but that’s about it.

          • Kakkoii Club

            I have a bad habit of pre-ordering way in advance and then suddenly realising three albums get released in the same month = goodbye bank balance! ^_^ Hyper Japan has a great line-up for their Christmas Market, just a shame the whole event isn’t indoors!

  3. Benjamin

    These are some great photos! I was at the show at the Underworld to and it was just so great! I just wish I could have gone to Brighton to. The girls met all my expectations and then some more on top of that 🙂 I really hope to see them live again in the future. Additionally “touch my secret” were also great, listening to the CD right now 😀 Also all of them (Mutant Monster and touch my secret) were really cool and nice!

    • Kakkoii Club

      Hey Benjamin, thanks for your kind words and I couldn’t agree more, both bands were fantastic! Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long before they both return to the UK!

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