At time of writing, Mutant Monster are due to hit the stage on the final night of their current UK Tour at The Prince Albert in Brighton. I’m still buzzing from last night’s performance at The Underworld in Camden Town, London and like many other fans (I presume) have spent the day listening to the bands CD’s that they purchased throughout the tour or watched their live videos on a constant loop via YouTube!

Tour final in Brighton - Photo: Sachie Hamaya

Tour final at The Prince Albert in Brighton. (Image Credit: Sachie Hamaya)

One thing is for sure, Mutant Monster’s mix of fist pumping, sing-a-long tracks have really made their mark on the UK audience over the past week and when you combine that with their raw and energetic set, if you blink you’re bound to miss something! Shortly after the doors opened at The Underworld, fans were already queuing to purchase every item of merchandise that was on offer; including a live DVD, a selection of CD’s, stickers, t-shirts and a towel! The trio were also very accommodating and happy to sign fans merchandise and pose for photos in what seemed like an endless queue!

Prior to the bands storming set at The UnderworldKAKKOII CLUB took the group exploring around Camden Town which you can view in the gallery above, along with live photos from their London performance.

Thanks to Paul Ayres & Mutant Monster for this opportunity.

How many times did you catch Mutant Monster on their debut UK Tour? Share your experiences in the comments below!