Thanks to OyatsuBox for feeding my Japanese snack cravings every month with their ‘OyatsuBox’ selection for review!

OyatsuBox have two variations of snack boxes on offer to cover all tastes including:

  • Dagashi – Traditional Japanese sweets and contains 1 DIY candy kit,
  • OyatsuBox – 10 – 14  premium candies, chocolates, snacks and a Japanese toy!

Shido Nakamura’s Tough Pepper

Made in collaboration with the renowned Kabuki actor Shido Nakamura, these pepper flavoured crisps are deliciously crunchy! You can tell that these luxurious crisps are not your average snack just from the glossier packaging. Cooked through three times to bring you this distinct flavour, the Pepper coated snack is not overpowering but will be a real treat for your tastebuds!

Black Thunder – Soy Flour

I’ve really enjoyed all of the variations of snacks from the ‘Black Thunder’ range over the past year which never seem to disappoint! This is a special edition of ‘Black Thunder’ combined with Japanese Soy Bean flour aftertaste but it’s hidden within the dark cocoa rice puffs! Not quite as loaded on the chocolate front as I’ve come to expect but still a delicious snack!

Roll Cake – Strawberry

Sold as a kids snack in Japan (gone in two bites!), this kawaii roll cake has a deliciously soft texture and although might be small in size, it makes up for with the Strawberry filled centre. A perfect snack for when you need ‘a little something’ in the afternoon!

Pokémon Choco Wafer

Originally released in 2013, this Choco Wafer has been redesigned to celebrate the recent release of Pokémon Sun And Moon! Due to this fact I was almost hesitant to open the pack but when I found out there was a silver foil inside, I had to find out which one was waiting for me!  An awesome image of Meowth was inside (No.13), well worth opening and the chocolatey wafer centre is a tasty bonus!

7-Stick Milk Cream

At first glance, I wasn’t sure what to make of this snack! Does it contain a cheese filled centre? Well..not quite but guessing the contents is half of the fun! Inside, you’ll find 7 thin wafer sticks that contain a sweet milk cream filling. According to this months menu guide, it is common to see Japanese children sharing them among a group of friends – will you be sharing yours??


I always keep my fingers crossed for a ramune candy treat every month and I’ve just found this at the bottom of November’s selection! A fun, fizzy ramune that you drop onto your tongue and let the Cola bubbles take over your senses!

JOO C Banana 

We’re spoilt with not one but two ramune candy treats this month! These crunchy, round discs form a tasty sherbet ramune, in a special edition Banana flavour! Look closely at the discs and you’ll see one has a ‘K’ inscribed, referring to the manufacturer ‘Kabaya’!

Funni Gummi 2

Another fun snack that invites you to get creative ‘Willy Wonka’ style! You can either chew each bubblegum stick of Lemon, Strawberry & Apple separately or combine the flavours to create your own taste explosion!  A fun treat for both adults and children to enjoy!

Kit-Kat Strawberry & Matcha

I had to save the two largest packs until the end! OyatsuBox spoilt us last month with Kit-Kat’s ‘Daily Extravagance’ selection which as you can guess scored a 5/5! This month, OyatsuBox have brought us not one but two awesome Kit-Kat flavours to enjoy including Strawberry & Matcha! Both packs contain 12 mini Kit-Kat’s for you to enjoy and you could even use these as mini stocking fillers this Christmas, and there’s space to write a small personalised note on the reverse of each pack!

The Strawberry flavour (limited edition) packs a strong aftertaste with every wafer stick, one that Kit-Kat fans are sure to enjoy whereas the Matcha has a more subtle flavour but still makes for a delicious treat! Here’s hoping we get to enjoy more from the Kit-Kat range with OyatsuBox’s forthcoming selections!


This month features the instantly recognisable ‘Kumamon’! ‘Kumamon’ is a mascot created by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture.

Which items from this months OyatsuBox have your mouth watering?? Share your thoughts in the comments below!