Teaser image displayed on the bands Twitter account.

If you’ve been following BRATS Twitter account over the past week, you would’ve seen a teaser image of the band stating 27.12.16. The band have just released a brand new video titled ‘Ainikoiyo’ (‘Come See Me’) on their YouTube channel which will be used in the opening sequence of anime ‘To Be Hero’! Click on the top image to check out the bands latest MV!

BRATS formed in August 2011 when Rei Kuromiya, who has been a junior idol since she was 8 years old, became a vocalist at the age of 10. Rei’s sister Aya Kuromiya plays the bass and Aya’s friend Hinako plays the guitar. Rei Kuromiya was chosen as ‘Miss iD 2015’ at an idol contest hosted by Koudansha in September 2014 and her popularity increased when she joined the idol group ‘LADYBABY’ with Rie Kaneko (Miss iD 2015 Gran Prix) and cross-dressing performer Ladybeard. After Ladybeard left the group, Rei formed a new unit ‘The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY’ with Rie Kaneko. BRATS also released the song ’14-sai byou’ (’14-year old disease’) in 2015, produced by URBANGARDE’s Temma Matsunaga. 

If you’re thirsty for more, BRATS have also unveiled their official website and Facebook pages!

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