Thanks to OyatsuBox for feeding my Japanese snack cravings every month with their OyatsuBox selection for review!

OyatsuBox have two subscription boxes on offer to cover all tastes including:

  • Dagashi – Traditional Japanese sweets and contains 1 DIY candy kit,
  • OyatsuBox – 10 – 14  premium candies, chocolates, snacks and a Japanese toy!

If your tastebuds are hungry for Japanese snacks, head on over to the OyatsuBox website for more details!


According to this months menu, the Japanese have a slightly different take when it comes to Pizza toppings! Almost every Japanese Pizza restaurant puts Sweetcorn on top of their pizzas and this unique flavour is a limited release from producer Calbee!

Upon opening, it’s a little disappointing to find half the bag empty but sadly that’s also a too common occurrence in the West! I was expecting to be hit by an overwhelming scent of Sweetcorn but what’s missing in aroma is locked away in every single crisp! Combining a strong Sweetcorn and Gratin Cheese flavour, each crisp is crunchy and delicious! Another fun and interesting combination from Calbee!


What would be better than your standard fix of mouth watering Pocky?? Half it’s size and add a thicker layer of chocolate and cookies to the mix!! You’ll find three individual packs of 4 Pocky sticks inside but once they’re open, don’t expect them to be around for long! I tried to show restraint and was left with an empty box!

The combination of the thicker layers of chocolate and cookies is one that will make any chocolate lovers tastebuds jump for joy! One of my favourite brands and already a fantastic highlight from this months selection!


A super kawaii Panda that poops candy…yep, you read that correctly! Simply open the bag inside, pull down the flap on the reverse and enjoy a selection of crunchy, choco coloured candies in a whole new way!

Although the flavour is nothing special, the packaging however is a lot of fun and comes in 9 cute styles selected at random! Which one did you receive??


Each piece is tough on the outside, sweet and soft on the inside with an amazing chewy texture. Once you have chewed through the tough exterior, the refreshing and vibrant Cola flavour will make your mouth water!

A great feature that you’ll find on many Japanese candies is that you’ll find the pack will be resealable, so no candies are left to waste!


It’s easy to see why these Grape candies are so popular in Japan! Deliciously juicy and packed with flavour, the taste is as colourful as the packaging!

According to the menu guide, “this is a classic Japanese Dagashi candy” and a new favourite of mine!


Just when you think you’ve tried all the variations of Ramune candies and drinks, this one pops up and has me intrigued!

This candy contains all the Ramune flavours you’ve come to know and enjoy in a slightly thicker Candy Floss style.


Maruko-chan is a manga series by Momoko Sakura; an iconic and adorable character in Japan. I’m not the worlds biggest fan of Marshmallow but each one contains a Grape jelly centre that adds a welcomed flavour to quite a blank snack.




This fun pack contains not one but four different candy flavours for you to enjoy! Including Ramune, Peach, Grape & Apple. Each miniature treat is packed with a rich and delicious flavour, with the Ramune & Apple flavours my top two!

The handy side compartment means you can enjoy these treats on the go with ease and with the candies being released one at a time, this pack might even last a little longer than usual…maybe! If you’re feeling creative, why not pop a few different flavours in your mouth and create your own unique flavour!




These mini Ramune candies will melt in your mouth but the flavours are less than satisfying. A bland, powdery taste that won’t have you wanting more.






It was almost a shame to have to cut into this wonderfully presented snack! Shaped like a Taiyaki (traditional Japanese fish-shaped cake), Puki Puki Tai is filled with a deliciously soft Strawberry filled centre!


A vibrant snack that’s the perfect size for a mid afternoon treat and won’t leave you feeling full! I wonder if there are any other variations in flavour and filling available?!




As soon as I saw the packaging and read the ‘Premium Chocolate’ tagline, I knew I had to save this to last and it was worth the wait! Hugely popular all over Japan and often given as a gift to friends or loved ones, these miniature cubes are utterly delicious! Each cube is packed with Chocolate Cream with an outer soft and powdery layer which simply melts in your mouth.

You may want to hide these at the back of your cupboard, to stop you from enjoying the best premium chocolate in one go! If you do share, don’t expect these little cubes from Heaven to be around for long! One of my all time OyatsuBox favourites!!


Recognise this little guy?? It wasn’t until I had a look at the insert that came with this Gachapon that it finally clicked! Tamagochi!! That’s a blast from the past! Which character did you receive??

 Which items from this months OyatsuBox have your mouth watering?? Rate this post and share your thoughts in the comments below!