WARNING: The following contains episode 1 spoilers.

Terrace House Aloha State documents the daily lives of six young men and women living together in a shared house. Cameras follow these six girls and boys with absolutely no previous connections day and night in their shared living situation, showing viewers the idyllic brilliance of the youth, friendship, love, dreams, as well as the jealousy and setbacks that fill the dramas of daily life as only a reality show can. The new series, set in Hawaii, will be the show’s very first ‘overseas version’ going outside of Japan ever to be produced in Terrace House history. The unscripted daily lives of six young men and women living in a brand new shared house is about to commence in a location beloved to many Japanese people– one of the world’s leading resort destinations.

It’s time to say ‘konbanwa’ and bow to your TV screens again as Terrace House Aloha State hits NETFLIX! After two very successful seasons on the streaming giants network, this time we’re leaving Tokyo for the very welcome climate of Hawaii! There will be 24 episodes in total with 8 currently available to stream immediately. As mentioned in the shows welcome message, Terrace House is now available in 190 countries which is an incredible fact and even now, fans are discovering the previous seasons and sharing their initial discoveries of this addictive series on social media!


The opening scenes of surfing, blue skies and the beach are a refreshing change of scenery (currently only a few degrees above zero in the UK right now), and it’s not long before we get our first glimpse of housemate #1 –  Lauren Tsai (18)Being the first to arrive, Lauren takes in the sights of yet another jaw dropping, luxurious house featuring a giant swimming pool and balcony areas that looks upon the Ocean. After Lauren takes a seat at the huge dining room table, it’s not long before housemate #2 makes a slightly awkward entrance. Yuya Shibusawa (18) opens the front door, catches a glimpse of Lauren but instead of introducing himself heads back outside to grab his suitcase leaving Lauren feeling a little awkward and greeting an empty doorway. Yuya discusses his ambitions of becoming an Actor and wants to use this opportunity to practice his English language skills.

Housemate #3 is Avian (26), currently working with her Mum at a shop called ’88 Tees’ based in Waikiki as a shop employee and helps to run the day to day running of the shops presence online. That sounds like a dream job to me! After introducing themselves, the current housemates decide to show Avian the swimming pool while Yuya checks out the huge, open plan kitchen area. Housemate #4 is Eric (27)from Nishinomiya who is a Craftsman and is currently in the process of opening a cafe with a friend.  By this point all the other housemates so far have mentioned their profession except Lauren, so she uses this chance to explain she’s a Model and Illustrator with the ambition of joining a video games company or animation studio in the future.

Housemate #5 is Naomi Lorraine Frank (23) who seems to be a little overwhelmed to being greeted by the other four housemates who are sitting at the dining table. Naomi asks Lauren if she is entirely Japanese or half Japanese and Lauren explains at the age of 15, she studied abroad in Hiroshima for six weeks and this made her want to move to Japan and study Japanese! Like many of us learning Japanese, shows such as Terrace House are a great tool in not only hearing the dialogue but understanding everyday use of the language as Lauren explains this is how she taught herself with the aid of subtitles to boost her understanding.  The final housemate to complete the set is Yusuke Aizawa (18), who struggles to open the front door with his hands full carrying a Ukulele, Guitar and his suitcase! Yusuke explains even though he’s only just arrived, he will need to depart shortly for a couple of days as his recent album has made the finals of the Hawaiian Music Awards! Eric is the first to share his enthusiasm for his new housemates: “This group seems like fun, everybody does something different!”


Now that the house is complete, the housemates all gather at the balcony and soak up the incredible sights around them with Eric pointing out his favourite places to surf while Naomi points out a perfect spot for Yusuke to play his Ukulele with a few candles dotted around the pool. It’s early days but the group has bonded well initially with an air of calm and fun on the cards, we’ll have to wait and see if that changes over the forthcoming episodes! After enjoying the balcony and pool areas, the group divides to check out their shared bedrooms. The girls play a game of Jan-Ken-Pon (Rock, Paper, Scissors) to decide who gets which bed then checks out the insanely large bathroom featuring a giant Spa Bath and huge windows that really make the most of the beautiful Ocean views.

The guys bedroom is located on the ground floor and a stones throw from the swimming pool! Eric isn’t fussed about which bed he takes and lets the other guys take their preference first. Eric doesn’t waste any time and questions Yuya about the differences between Japanese and Hawaiian girls with Yuya commenting “they are more assertive, it’s nice.” The three guys discuss their relationship status with Yuya currently being single, Eric has been single for three years and young Yusuke has yet to date anyone and comments “It’s really bad, I need to start being proactive!” Both groups reconvene in the ‘hang out’ area which features a TV and a selection of large floor cushions, perfect for movie nights or just as a chill out area.

As it’s their first night in Terrace House, both groups head out to the local supermarket and opt for take-out Pizza instead of cooking, head home and start to see who’s available for meet ups during the week. Eric’s line of questioning re-opens again asking Lauren who is easier to get along with; Japanese or American men? From what we’ve seen so far, he’s clearly the dominant type and then asks Naomi if she has ever dated an American. His line of questioning could come across as a little invasive, especially as the housemates have only just met and he seems to be digging for info especially on the girls to try and work out in his mind who he might have a chance with. Poor Yusuke comments on how everyone is ‘experienced’ and mentions to the full group that he hasn’t dated anyone with Yuya telling him to be more confident. Yusuke displays his impressive Ukulele and Guitar skills in front of the housemates at their request and the girls are genuinely amazed by his talents, an attractive skill that’s bound to help overcome his shyness.

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