Thanks to Oyatsu Cafe for feeding my Japanese snack cravings every month with their ‘OyatsuBox’ selection for review!





Butamen is a kind of ‘snack ramen’. It is normally sold in Dagashi stores and local independent shops where usually the owner will prepare it for you right in the store! To prepare, fill with hot water up to the inner line, then cover and let steam for 2-3 minutes before eating.


If you’re looking for a quick lunchtime alternative or fancy a change from your usual instant soup over the Winter months, throw a Butamen into the mix to change things up a little! Flavourwise, this is heavy in the Salt department followed by an aftertaste of Pork. Although it’s not a taste sensation, this snack will be perfect for those constantly on ‘the go’!




Originally released in the 1980’s, this is a 2016 special release edition that features New Years imagery. It features an ‘Ema’ – a wooden block that you write your wishes on before hanging it at the temple. This snack is definitely one for all you cheese fiends out there and it’s not a small packet either – BONUS!


These puffy, airy pieces look like a combination of Quavers & Wotsits crushed together to form a deliciously moreish snack!




This is a first for me, I’ve seen and tasted quite a few DIY candy kits over the past year but none have come with a collectable cup! Very simple to prepare; add water to the first marker, add the jelly sachet and leave for 3 mins. Then add more water to the 2nd marker and pour in your second packet.


There were two different flavours in this months OyatsuBox; Melon Soda & Ramune or Grape Soda & Peach. I received the Melon Soda & Ramune which was as refreshing as it was delicious! Drinking through the straw, you’ll also get a burst of Jelly from the bottom of the cup which really adds to the flavour and to the experience!


Once you’ve added the second sachet, watch the foam rise to the top of the cup! I had to take a quick slurp to stop it from spilling over! ^_^ A fantastic treat which doubles up as a vivid and fun collectable! One of my favourite items from this months selection!




I have to admit, I’m not 100% sure what it relates to when the description reads ‘this is a special version with a unique and daring Hot Cocoa flavour’? The outer shell is fragile and crispy which holds a creamy and milky centre but there’s no ‘hot’ aftertaste if that’s what I’m meant to be expecting? Even so, the Koala prints on the biscuits are a great touch and you’ll soon finish this packet of treats in no time!





A thirst quenching selection of soft drink flavours including Cola, Ramune, Melon, Lemon and Orange! These miniature candies might be small on size but are bursting with flavour! The Melon flavour is especially mouth watering and the sweets are easily accessible from the flip up lid, handy and convenient! Why stick with the standard flavours? Throw a mix into your mouth and give your tastebuds a party!





This is a special edition of Tohato Chocobi, flavoured like hot milk. Similar to the ‘Koala No March’ that was meant to have a ‘hot’ cream flavour, these sugared stars may contain a sweet milk flavoured coating but doesn’t quite hit the ‘hot’ theme they’re aiming for.





In a 2009, a survey by the Asahi newspaper discovered that 70% of Japanese adults named this as their favourite retro snack! It has gained popularity in the past few years in the current retro snack boom. Chocolate wheat puffs that have a light flavour with a slight aftertaste. After looking up the ingredients, these miniature puffs contain extract of Soybean, which gives it a unique flavour!





Similar to the above, the Strawberry edition has a vibrant and sweet flavour and while also containing Soybean extract, the slightly bitter flavour is not found in this edition. Deliciously light and packed with flavour! These colourful wheat puffs were originally sold in loose form, where you paid by weight. In the 1980’s, it was changed to a pre-packed format.





Are you ready to take on Ultraman?? You’ll receive a Gummy of the legendary character as well as one other in each pack – which includes 1 of 6 different characters! This is an officially licensed product from Bandai and while I felt bad chewing on this hero, it was damn tasty with it’s delicious Grape flavour!





When I saw this item on this months menu postcard, I knew I had to save this for last! There were two different styles available with this months OyatsuBox including the Toilet & Washing Machine editions! I received the Toilet DIY kit and once I had stopped laughing, I began to put the kit together!


I’ve had fun making DIY candy kits in the past but this pack really made me smile! Not only do you piece together the toilet, you can then customise it with the sticker pack that comes with the kit! Mine was the French edition including a baguette, beret and a sticker of the Eiffel Tower! The taste of the sweet candy is more of a supporting role (you’ll receive 3 sachets = more fun!)  as you add the water and watch the foam overflow with hilarious results!

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A wild Litten appeared!!  One of the favourite new characters featured in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon! 


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